Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region

by Nancy Bauer

Features include:
Habitat Garden Basics - Host Plants for Common Butterflies - Butterfly Habitat Basics - Good Butterfly Plants - Bird Habitat Basics - Good Plants for Bird Habitat - Friendly Insect Predators & Pollinators - Insects in the Garden - Dragonfly Ponds - Bugs Are Messengers - Habitat Heroes - Growing Natives - Habitat Gardening Resources

ISBN 10: 0-9707445-1-X; ISBN 13: 978-0-9707445-1-7
5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
64 pp
color photographs

Author Nancy Bauer is a garden writer and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. .

"’ll find yourself referring to The Habitat Garden Book over and over again.” Terry Byrnes, Co-founder, LifeGarden
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by Nancy Bauer (Revised Edition, 2008; 1st Edition, 2001)

Terry Byrnes, Co-founder, LifeGarden
A delightful little guide to help you transform your own backyard, patio, or community site into a healthy home for a wondrous array of fascinating creatures. Habitat gardens are not only beautiful and rewarding, but critical to the survival of many species in our ecosystem. Creating a garden full of life provides the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the web of life upon which we all depend. By offering easy-to-grow natives and non-natives appropriate to our climate, the author sets the stage for you to discover the intricate inter-relationships of plants, birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and other animals. Whether you are a novice needing help in getting started or a seasoned gardener looking for ideas, you’ll find yourself referring to The Habitat Garden Book over and over again.

Bay Nature Magazine
In The Habitat Garden Book, Nancy Bauer deftly paints her philosophy: gardening for wildlife by creating habitats…. Bauer has written something different— a book tailored to the Bay Area, and its microclimates, soils, and diversity of plants as well as wildlife. She gives rules of thumb for creating habitats that will attract birds, butterflies, pollinators, and others….

Sunset Garden Guide
San Francisco Bay Area gardeners looking to attract birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects to their gardens will appreciate The Habitat Garden Book: Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region…..This delightful, easy-to-use guide focuses on Bay Area critters and the plants that attract them. Color photos show plants for butterflies (including linaria, milkweed, and monkeyflowers), hummingbirds (buddleia and California lilac), and beneficial insects (toyon, California fuchsia, and columbine). Habitat basics and a list of regional gardens to visit for inspiration are also included.

The Press Democrat
Lots of information packed into this highly recommended little guidebook.

Lisa Van Cleef, Green Gardener (SF Gate Home & Garden)
This is a wonderful little book that gives us the basics for creating a garden that does double duty as both a beautiful sanctuary for humans and a provider of hearth and hospitality to birds, butterflies and beneficial insects... this little guide presents the concepts at the beginning of each section, then follows with detailed plant lists. It makes good use of photos to convey information…..the information is useful specifically for Bay Area gardeners.

Barbara Caswell, The Petaluma Postb
Ms. Bauer’s The Habitat Garden Book, from Coyote Ridge Press, colorful and pretty enough to buy for gifts, offers practical local advice, as it is written specifically for our region…

Judy Brinkerhoff, Beyond the Garden Gate (Petaluma Argus Courier)
…Nancy Bauer has just published a marvelous little book….It’s all about landscaping for wildlife and is written in an easy to read, clear and concise manner. A great gift to yourself, your friends, and the environment….

Bob Lorentzen, Bored Feet Press BR>This delightful and concise book is a beginner’s guide to creating a backyard habitat for birds, butterflies, beneficial insects….Ecologically friendly gardens provide sanctuary for local wildlife and offer us a daily opportunity to connect with nature, and to bring a little magic into our garden and lives. Bauer, a garden columnist, focuses on natives and other low-water, low maintenance plants from the Mediterranean climate regions. Packed with clearly presented, easy-to-use information, this compact guide will be useful for both novice and experienced gardeners….

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