Pond, 2001

Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, 2001

This top photo is of the pond in early February; dormant, but still pleasurable to view.

This next photo is of the pond just two months later, in April. Click on the image to see it in a larger view. It is starting to show new growth. The plant partially obscuring the pond in the foreground is the Horsetail which we have planted in a tub (the tub is camouflaged by flagstone) to help tie the patio and pond together more naturally which gives the effect that the pond is natural, which of course, it is not. The horsetail can be seen in the upper photo on the right and just behind the flowing native grass bunch.

Below are 5 views of the pond taken in late May/early June. The images start just outside the door to the house and `walk' around the pond clockwise. Thank you to Nancy Bauer for use of her images. Each image can be clicked on to see it in a larger view. It has been a warm spring and everything is lush and just about ready for thinning.

The plant in bloom with the blue flower in the pond is Blue Flag. Several non-native pink azaleas are blooming in the background of shot #2 in the series, which have browned in the succeeding shots.

Click here for a view of the pond in August.

Here for views in October.

And here for views in December.

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