Libellula saturata - generations of Flame Skimmers

These pictures of Flame Skimmers were all taken at our garden pond
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond - Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., CA
Flame Skimmer 1996 "Big Red" a Big Red Skimmer, king of Bigsnest pond '96.

NOTE: The DSA (Dragonfly Society of the Americas) came up with common names for dragonflies in August `96, after the words above were first written. The new common name is "Flame Skimmer".

I believe this is `Son of Big Red '96': Big Red '97!

Flame Skimmers are fairly large, approx. two and a half inches long and quite common at ponds west of Kansas. They are an orange-red color and up close I love to watch their whole abdomen contract and expand as they breathe. Click here for yet another view...yes, he's a favorite of ours!

See Flame 1998 below!

Flame Skimmer

Flame '98!

Here's Flame 1999!

Flame Skimmer male's face

And here's the Flame of the new century, Flame 2000!

Meet Mr. Flame 2001!

Flame 2002 was an unusually cooperative guy(s)!

click on image to enlarge.

Here's looking at Flame 2003!

Here's the 2004 edition!