California's Year 2007 
Dragonfly Sightings
**TWO NEW STATE RECORDS** - Baja Bluet  Enallagma eiseni (June 17/18) 
and Turquoise-tipped Darner Rhionaeschna psilus (September 16)


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species common name &/or scientific name- #s & other data, comments 
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*= first/last sighting of species of year in CA 
**= new flight data for species in CA
#= possibly a migratory event

As of the most recent date below,
108 species (out of 113 known species) have been reported to this site as flying in CA in 2007.
27 new county records &/or upgrades to county records have been made this year
(this # includes upgrades of previous ‘sighting only’ records, newly accessed museum collections and new reports of prior year’s data).
`Sighting only' records need further documentation, but please report them so we can try to get substantiation.
There may be upgrades of previous `sighting only' records and new specimen records from recently examined museum/private collections listed. 
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County records should be substantiated with specimen (preferable) or photo and notes. [note: not all species are identifiable by photos]
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December 30, 2007

San Bernardino County

Peter Siminski

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, Yucca Ridge Trail; 8:00 - 9:45, 28 -55 degrees, sunny, calm.

*Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  1 – last report of the year


December 29, 2007
San Diego County
Pete Spino 
Upper Plum Canyon in the western portion of ABDSP,
a Variegated Meadowhawk at 2:45 pm.


December 26, 2007

Imperial County

Bob Miller 
Algodones Dunes
Been seeing about one individual Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum  
each day on my walks through the dunes.  Today, there were five in one location! 

December 23, 2007

San Bernardino County

Peter Siminski

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve,  hiked about 3 1/2 miles down the canyon; 8:00 - 12:45, 48 -72 degrees, sunny, calm to light winds.

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  >19


December 15, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Preserve, Dos Palmas Oasis; 9:30-13:20, sunny, calm, 50-63 degrees.

**Paiute Dancer, Argia alberta  1 Did not get it netted, but got a good look – new late flight data by 2 whole months from prior years! - kb

*Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  2  - last report 2007

**Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  12 – new late flight data by one week - kb

*Common Green Darner, Anax junius  1 - last report 2007

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  3


December 10, 2007 
Santa Clara County 
John Hall and David Edwards 
Monte Bello OSP 
**Spotted Spreadwing - one female photographed - new late flight date by 1 day
San Mateo County
Skyline Ridge OSP
**California Spreadwing Archilestes californicus - male photographed - new late flight date by 9 days

December 5, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

The Living Desert, Palm Desert CA; 11:00, sunny, calm, 70 degrees.

**Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  1 – new late flight data by ~2 wks

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  3 including one tandem pair ovipositing.


December 4, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

The Living Desert, Palm Desert CA; 12:00, sunny, calm, 70 degrees.

*Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  1M - last report 2007
December 3, 2007 
Monterey County 
Don Roberson
Seaside, Laguna Grande park
My weekly survey at Laguna Grande finally yielded zero odes. But  
since it was a nice sunny day, I extended the lunch break to check  
Odello Lagoon at Carmel River mouth, and was surprised to find:
*Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile 5: 4 m, 1 f (phs) – last report 2007
C. Green Darner 1
**Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor 1  - new late date
Variegated Meadowhawk 1 m (ph)
**Cardinal Meadowhawk Sympetrum illotum 1 m (ph) - new late date
November 27, 2007 
Mono County
Ron Oriti
Fish Slough 
….there were no dragonflies, and I saw only one damselfly on the wing.  
The weather has turned cold at night  (18-27 degrees), and I think that we
have lost the last of the dragonflies for this year.
Monterey County 
Don Roberson
Seaside, Laguna Grande park
I completed my 35th weekly survey today, as a part of Jason Bried's project. 
There was just one male *Pacific Forktail Ischnura cervula remaining - last report 2007

November 26, 2007
Sonoma County
and Kathy Biggs

Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol (our backyard)

*Shadow Darner Aeshna umbrosa – 1 female did a quick fly-by on the pond 
[last report 2007 – kb]
November 22, 2007
Monterey County 

Don Roberson

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

Blue-eyed Darner Aeshna multicolor 

November 19, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Oasis, Dos Palmas Preserve; 9:30-13:50, clear, 75-85 degrees, light wind.

**Paiute Dancer, Argia alberta  3 (two in hand) – new late date, old late date 10/16/2006

*Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  5 including one wheel. (ties old late date of 2005)

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  5

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  10 including one tandem pair ovipositing.

Citrine Forktail, Ischnura hastata  1M

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  >45 including two wheels.

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  10 including one tandem.

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  4

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  >28 including seven tandem pairs, two ovipositing.

*Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata  10 [last report 2007 –kb]

**Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  1M - new late date

**Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  1M – new late date, old late date 11/7

*Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  2M - last report 2007


November 18, 2007
Sonoma County
and Kathy Biggs

Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol (our backyard)

Shadow Darner – 1 female flying in the fog around the lawn/garden NEXT to the pond. She showed no interest in the pond and appeared to be feeding. Our first dragonfly in over a week….


Yolo County

I was in the backyard and had a Sym corruptum playing around, basking in the sun, chasing small insects. That is the only dragonfly sp that I am seeing around now.


Mono County
& Barbara Oriti

Fish Slough 

There were 2 Flame Skimmers and 3 or 4 Variegated Meadowhawks, plus a number of Damsels!


November 16, 2007
Imperial County
David and Linda Blue

Squaw Pond
0930-1230, 72-79 degrees, mild wind, 11 species

There were ten species of odes flying at Squaw Pond. New late dates for the southwest were established for Pale-faced Clubskimmer, Striped Saddlebags,

and Black Saddlebags. There was a pair of Striped Saddlebags and they were seen in tandem and in a wheel, and the female was seen ovipositing while the male hovered overhead.
*American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana 8 - 5 m, 3 f, ph. – last report 2007
Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  7
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile  8
Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii  20 - males and females, ph.
Common Green Darner Anax junius  6 - 2 pairs ovipositing, ph.
**Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax  6, ph. [new later flight date! – kb]
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  1  

Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea 1 - ph.

Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum 12 - 3 tandems, ph.
**Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti 2 - Pair, tandem, wheel, ovipositing, ph. [new later flight date! – kb]
**Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  6 - Ph. [new late flight date by 6 days! – kb]

November 14, 2007
Monterey County 

Don Roberson

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile 
Cardinal Meadowhawk Sympetrum illotum 
November 12, 2007
Monterey County 
Don Roberson & Rita 
"cattail swale" at Elkhorn Slough Nat'l Estuarine Research Reserve 
**Paddle-tailed Darner Aeshna palmata at least 4 males where we'd had a dozen back on 20 Oct. [new later flight date! – kb]
Also one male Variegated Meadowhawk.

San Diego County

Peter Siminski

Palo Verde Canyon, Santa Rosa Mountains, Anza Borrego Desert State Park; 8:40-12:20, clear, 70-80 degrees, calm.

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  22

Note: This site is probably 15 miles from any regular significant water.  VMs were mostly perched in desert scrub 1-2m above ground.

November 9, 2007
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards 
Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area
Familiar Bluet   17                    
Pacific Forktail   6                  
Mosaic Darner,sp                     
Common Green Darner  1   
Sacramento County 
Tim Manolis
American River Parkway at the Mayhew Drain 
A 1.5 hour walk produced the usual Variegated Meadowhawks, 
about 16 or so, a half-dozen each of Pacific and *Black-fronted Forktail 
Ischnura denticollis [last report 2007], 
and a distant flyby darner, probably Common Green, 
but most interesting was a female Lestes, probably a Spotted Spreadwing 
(unfortunately, I wasn't carrying my net with me).

November 8, 2007

Kern County

David Blue

Parking lot 3 miles north of Ridgecrest

Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum  1

*Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  1 [last report 2007]


November 7, 2007
Monterey County 

Don Roberson

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

Common Green Darner Anax junius


November 5, 2007

Inyo & Mono Counties

Ron and Barbara Oriti 
Fish Slough area
Paddle-tailed Darner – 1
Flame Skimmer – 1 male
Variegated Meadowhawk – 1 
No more Western Meadowhawks
November 3, 2007 
Alameda County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Sunol Regional Wilderness
1245-1445, sunny & warm, fairly calm, but most of creek in shade  
despite the mid-day visit. This was our first visit here but  
following directions from Hall & Edwards, we tried downstream of  
visitor center, the picnic area, and upstream of the pedestrian/ 
equestrian bridge at the end of the road.
American Rubyspot 4
*California Spreadwing Archilestes californium 15 (ph) – last report 2007
Vivid Dancer 15
**Northern Bluet Enallagma annexum 1 m (photo) [new late flight date by ~ 2 wks - kb]
*Walker's Darner Aeshna walkeri 7 [last report 2007 – kb]
Variegated Meadowhawk 6
Imperial County
Dave Shufford and Bob Miller
Algodones Dunes Wilderness
… a 5.2 mile walk through the dunes…We walked for six hours, walking in just at 
sunrise…was amazed at the number of  Variegated Meadowhawks.  I would 
say 40 to 50 individuals.  They were everywhere we went out there!  It is 
extremely dry to say the least.Variegated Meadowhawk were seen in small 
numbers just about everywhere we went for the rest of the day as well.
Back in the valley we visited the Imperial site of the New River Wetlands Project.  
At the far east end of the pond system we finally ran into some dragons.  
A lone Blue-eyed Darner.
~15 Roseate Skimmers. Almost all males.
One. ONE.. the only damselfly I could find!  It was about 30 feet away on a small island. 
Ischnura sp., probably Rambur's Forktail at this location.


November 2, 2007
Imperial County
David Blue

"Squaw Pond" and West Pond Area

1030-1500, 68-86 degrees, mild to moderate wind, 15 species.
American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana 14 M& F, ph.
*Powdered Dancer Argia moesta 6 M & F, ph. [last report 2007 –kb]
Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula 8 M, ph.
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile 10
Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii 15 M & F, ph.
Common Green Darner Anax junius 6 1 wheel, 1 ovipositing
Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor
**Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax 3 ph., [New late flight date

for California]
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata 1
Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea 1 M, ph.
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis 1
*Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa 2  - last report 2007
Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum 10 
**Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti 1 M, “Squaw Pond”, watched on and off

for an hour, [New late flight date]
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata 8


San Mateo County
John Hall, David Edwards
Skyline Ridge OSP
Alpine Pond
California Spreadwing      8
Horseshoe Lake
California Spreadwing   6             
Arroyo Bluet    4                     
Paddle-tailed Darner   2              
Mosaic Darner,sp   3                  
Blue-eyed Darner   1                  
Cardinal Meadowhawk    3              
*Striped Meadowhawk Sympetrum pallipes   40   last report 2007             
Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
California Spreadwing  7              
Spotted Spreadwing  15                 
**Northern Spreadwing  3 - new late date
Familiar Bluet   2                    
Arroyo Bluet  6                       
Paddle-tailed Darner  1               
Mosaic Darner,sp   3                  
Blue-eyed Darner   1                  
Cardinal Meadowhawk  1                

Striped Meadowhawk    30              


November 1- 2, 2007

Inyo & Mono Counties

Ron and Barbara Oriti
**Western Meadowhawk Sympetrum occidentalis, 3-4, Owens River, Inyo County, 11/2/07 - New late flight date - photo
Western Meadowhawk, Owens River, Inyo County. 11/1/07- photo
Paddle-tailed Darners - 2, Fish Slough, Mono County.  11/1/07- photo
Flame Skimmer - one Fish Slough, Mono County
Variegated Meadowhawk - one Fish Slough, Mono County
Damselfly sp. Several, Fish Slough, Mono County


October 30, 2007
Monterey County 

Don Roberson

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

Vivid Dancer


October 28, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Oasis, Dos Palmas Preserve; 9:00-13:30, high cirrus, 75-95 degrees, light wind ~5mph.

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  18

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  12

*Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  1  [last report 2007 – kb]

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  >55 including one wheel.

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  25 including one tandem.

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  10

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  >35 over half were in tandem pairs, some ovipositing.

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata  ~25, I do not think that I have ever seen this many Red-tailed Pennants in one place.  I only saw males. 

Some were defending territories along the shore of the fish ponds, and at the 2nd pond there were ~6 chasing one another around in the center of the 1/4 acre pond.

**Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  8  - new late flight date

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  12

**Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  1M1F, female was ovipositing. - new late flight date

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  8


Monterey County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

Garland Ranch Regional Park,
two spots along Carmel River 1100-1215, 68-78 degrees;  most odes absent until noon
Vivid Dancer 20
Familiar Bluet 12
Walker's Darner 4


October 26, 2007

San Diego County 
Richard Bledsoe 
La Mesa, in a local park
In spite of the terrible fires in this county the odes continue to fly. I had a
** Neon skimmer Libellula croceipennis  – one male, photos send to KB – [new late flight date &last report 2007 – kb]
Flame skimmers - some in a local park here in 

Imperial County

Bob Miller
El Centro near Appleby's on HWY 86 between El Centro and Imperial…. 
I stepped over to the fence to survey the large concrete drain culvert that runs down the side of Hwy 86. 
A good 15 feet wide and 8 foot deep with a few inches of constant slow running water and scattered vegetation...
and too much windblown trash... surrounded by concrete and asphalt.  Called the others over when they got to the 
vehicle and was able to show them all about four really bright male Roseate Skimmers,
two or three male Blue Dasher and several Ischnura that were probably Rambur's Forktail.  


I had a Variegated Meadowhawk cruising the sprinkler in my back yard.
October 24, 2007
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards 
Sunol Regional Wilderness
David and I first went downstream from the Visitors' Center then
upstream from the farthest parking area past the picnic area.
American Rubyspot   7                 
California Spreadwing  40              
*California Dancer, Argia agrioides  1 [last report 2007 –kb]                
Vivid Dancer   22                      
Familiar Bluet  12                     
Arroyo Bluet   4                      
Pacific Forktail  1                   
Walker's Darner  4                    
Mosaic Darner,sp   7                  
Common Green Darner  1                
Variegated Meadowhawk   26             
Cardinal Meadowhawk  1       


October 21, 2007

Marin County 
Neill Fogarty
Mt. Tamalpais State Park 
#Today, in late afternoon, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of thousands of medium-sized, red dragonflies all moving south
along the west ridge of Mt. Tam, with a few different butterfly species mixed in. What a treat. [he later agreed that they looked like
 Variegated meadowhawks –kb]


October 20, 2007

Imperial County

David Blue

"Squaw Pond" and West Pond Area

0950-1450, 78-95 degrees, mild to moderate wind, 16 species.

An early morning check of the wind was promising so I drove 200 miles to the Imperial Dam area of the Colorado River north of Yuma, Arizona, to see what was still flying.

 I spend most of my time at the marsh south of the Senator Wash Reservoir. There I found what was probability the same Striped Saddlebags discovered by Tim Manolis last week, and photographed by Don Roberson. Then I discovered a second one at West Pond, just 1.6 miles away (straight-line distance). Both of these were photographed.

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana 2 ph.
Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula 8
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile 6 ph.
Black-fronted Forktail Ischnura denticollis 1
Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii 4
Common Green Darner Anax junius 12
Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor 4
*White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus 1 ph. – last report 2007
**Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax 8 - patrolling the stream that flowed out of the beaver pond and eventually into Squaw Lake. [New late flight date for California.]
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata 1 ph.
Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea 6 ph.
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis 1
Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa 1
Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum 5

Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti 1 ph. M, 32°54'07.6"N 114°29'02.0"W

Probably the same one Tim Manolis discovered at this spot last week. It would fly along the east side of the water (where the road runs), from the beaver pond south to where the vegetation became thick along the edge. It stayed in this area for at least two hours and was still there when I left.
Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti 1 ph. M, 32°52'46.7"N 114°28'30.1"W

This one was in the creek along side the northeast most road that goes south from McKinley Road to West Pond. This is only .15 mile NE from where Doug Aguillard photographed his last year.
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata 12 ph.

Bob Miller
Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR HQ
…. to see if I could re-find last weeks Striped Saddlebags there. A perfectly calm 
day had turned into an EXTREME wind and dirt storm about 30 minutes before I 
got to the refuge. Bummer.  Was able to find about 3 Common Green Darner, 
10 Roseate Skimmer, 5 Variegated Meadowhawk and a lone Mexican 
Amberwing hugging the backside of the Palo Verde trees but nothing along the ditch. 
San Diego County
Doug Aguillard

We are currently experiencing heavy Santa Ana winds from the east and it is warm and dry. I decided to go to Greenwood Cemetery, where I found large quantities of Common Green Darners, 2 Flame Skimmers, many Variegated Meadowhawks, one Blue Dasher, 3 Black Saddlebags, and one late date **Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta. Thus being happy with this, I went home, only to discover I now had 2 new yard Odes. I currently have 2 Blue-eyed Darners, 1 Common Green Darner, and also 1* Wandering Glider (last report 2007) hunting on the leeward side of some Italian Cypress's. I wonder if this is due to the Santa Ana winds or do Blue-eyed Darners actually migrate?


Monterey County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

Rita and I went to check Elkhorn Slough Estuarine Research Reserve  (ESERR), 
where William Hull had first discovered Paddle-tailed Darners in MTY almost 
exactly a year ago (22 Oct 2006); full details of that event at They are there 
again this year, and in numbers. Two freshwater ponds  make up "cattail swale" 
on the reserve map; last year one pond was  dry and the other full -- this year 
both ponds drawn down, one dry  and one just muddy. Each of these ponds had 
a half-dozen male Paddle- tails, many flying, some perched (many more photos). 
We also checked the remnant of the "Heronry Pond" (underneath the eucs where 
the  Great Blue Herons & Great Egrets nest each spring). That pond is almost 
dry -- just a puddle – but 3 more Paddle-tailed males were  there. In all, at least 
15 Paddle-tailed Darners. And those were the only odes we saw. ESERR on 
Elkhorn Road near Moss Landing is open daily 9-5 Wed through Sunday, and 
there is a $2.50 entrance fee. The darner spots are shown on the reserve map 
available at the visitor's center and I think the map is on-line also.  
This site remains the only known locale for this species in MTY.

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

*Western Forktail Enallagma perparva – last report 2007

October 18, 2007

Orange County
Paul Saraceni
Crystal Cove State Park near Newport Beach, 
sunny weather, I observed the following 5 species flying in coastal scrub habitat:
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Neon Skimmer Libellula croceipennis 1 m. (flying along ocean bluff then perched on a sagebrush) 
Black Saddlebags 1
Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta 1  
Wandering Glider 1 (flying low over beach amidst clouds of kelp flies)


October 14, 2007

Imperial County

Don Roberson, Rita Carratello

Rita found yet another one!  ** Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti [new late flight date –kb] was at the headquarters of Sonny Bono  
National Wildlife Refuge at the Salton Sea (corner of Gentry &  
Sinclair) at about 10 a m. There is a small canal along the south side  
of the parking area that is bordered by a wide dike topped with a  
wide dirt (but unused) road on its north side. The imm male Striped  
Saddlebags was about 300-500m west down this dike, about in line with  
the 3rd telephone pole that is across the canal, and we put an "x" on  
the dirt road with sticks. Alas, the saddlebags flew shortly after Rita found it perched, and  
flew to the mesquite row just north, but we did not refind it (we  
also did not search much longer). There were many Roseate Skimmer,  
Variegated Mdwhawks, Mex Amberwings and C. Green Darners in the  
Butte County
Bruce and Kathy Deuel, John Sterling
DeSabla Reservoir 
….in hope of finding Autumn (Yellow-legged) Meadowhawk.  After walking around the 
eastern shore of the lake with no luck, 
we headed to the dam. Fisherman there notified us that others had seen the rare
dragonfly on the western side of the dam.  
After looking for about 30 minutes, I finally spotted one flying over the water and then
hiding in the floating vegetation.  Too far for a photograph or a good look.  
After about 10 more minutes of looking, male *Autumn Meadowhawks Sympetrum 
vicinum  started appearing close by.  Several were on the gravel near our feet and we 
saw about 12 individuals in 10 minutes that afforded us very close looks.  Needless to say, 
we netted one and I was able to obtain many good photos.  Last report 2007
Also present were Shadow Darners (netted), Blue-eyed Darners and suspected Paddle-
tailed Darners (not netted), and of course, Variegated Meadowhawks.


October 13, 2007

Imperial County

Peter Siminski

CDG&F Imperial Wildlife Area, Wister Unit, Ruddy Road ponds and ditches; 9:00 - 12:00, a few clouds early, 75-85 degrees, light wind to ~5mph.

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  3 

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  12

Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  3

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  10 including 2 ovipositing females.

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  12

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  6

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  2

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  2

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  1

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea 10

Striped Saddlebags, Tramea calverti  1F, watched for about 20 minutes along the ditch about 25 meters east of Davis Road.  Clearly seen in detail.  Did not have a camera.  Careful, there are Red Saddlebags in the area.  [this is the first sighting for 2007, but also, at the time, new LATE flight data for within CA! – KB]

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  1

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  2

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  1

East Highline Canal at Sinclair Road, 12:30-1:30, clear, 85 degrees, windy 15mph.

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana  ~30

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  3

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  ~40 including ovipositing tandem pairs.

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  ~50 including ovipositing tandem pairs.

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  1

White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus  1

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  4

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  2


Tim Manolis, Don Roberson, Rita Carratello

Colorado River near Winterhaven

We spent a nice warm, sunny day (with a little bit of wind; the highlight was a pretty male Striped Saddlebags (Tramea calverti) seen perched at close range (Don got pix) near Senator Wash Reservoir.  It is a bit hard to describe how to access this spot, but it is very nice habitat that had good odonate diversity.  It is an area that is marked closed to the public on the south side of Senator Wash Road across the road from the South Mesa boat launch area on Senator Wash Reservoir and west of Squaw Lake.  It looked like good habitat, so Don asked at the South Mesa contact station for permission to enter and this was granted.  So check in at the station first before considering entering this area.  The dirt road into this area descends to a pumping station and then takes a sharp right (west) turn to parallel and nice little stream-like drainage from a good-sized, wonderful tulle and cattail fringed pond.  This is all visible from the Senator Wash Road.  Anyway, the Striped Saddlebags was at the point where the drainage leaves the pond through a culvert under the dirt road.

American Rubyspot -- 1-2 at the Striped Saddlebags spot (plus 1-2 at the Westside Canal at Highway 98 later in the afternoon)

Powdered Dancer -- 10-20 at the Striped Saddlebags spot and Squaw Lake; 5-10 along the Westside Canal.

Blue-ringed Dancer -- 50 at the Striped Saddlebags spot; some along the Westside Canal.

California/Aztec Dancer -- 3-4 at the Striped Saddlebags spot; unfortunately they eluded my net, but Don got some photos.

Familiar Bluet -- 8 at West Pond, 10 at the Striped Saddlebags spot.

**Double-striped Bluet Enallagma basidens -- a male netted at West Pond. [last report 2007 & new late flight date– kb]

Desert Forktail -- a female netted along the Westside Canal.

Rambur's Forktail -- fairly common and widespread, easily 100 or so seen.

**Citrine Forktail Ischnura hastata  -- a male photographed at West Pond. [new late date by one day & last report 2007 – kb]

Common Green Darner -- widely seen at Colorado River spots, 30-40, at least two ovipositing pairs seen.

Blue-eyed Darner -- 15-20 seen at Colorado River spots.

White-belted Ringtail -- 1-2 seen along the rocky shore of Senator Wash Reservoir at the boat launch area.

Red-tailed Pennant -- 1 male at West Pond.

Mexican Amberwing -- 8-10 at various spots.

Western Pondhawk -- 15 or so at various spots.

Blue Dasher -- 6-8 at various spots.

Roseate Skimmer -- 20 or so, various spots.

Flame Skimmer -- 2 territorial males at the Striped Saddlebags spot

Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax -- 4-5 territorial males at the Striped Saddlebags spot

Variegated Meadowhawk -- fairly common and widespread, 75-80 seen.

Black Saddlebags -- 10-15 seen at various spots.

Striped Saddlebags -- 1 male seen.

Wandering Glider -- 2-3 seen.__,_._,___


October 12, 2007

Imperial County

Doug Aguillard

Went to visit the area on or around the same date as last years two new State records were found.

Nothing great to report. Weather was sunny and clear, temps in the high 80's, with slight breeze; from 9:30 a.m. 12:30 a.m.

Common Green Darner (20+)

Blue-eyed Darner (1)

Clubtail/Snaketail (sp?) (2)

Mexican Amberwing (4)

Blue Dasher (2)

Western Pondhawk (1)

Variegated Meadowhawk (3)

Black Saddlebags (7)

Red Saddlebags (1)

Wandering Glider (2)

Powdered Dancer (12)

Blue-ringed Dancer (1)

Rambur's Forktail (5)

Familiar Bluet (1)

October 30, 2007
Monterey County 

Don Roberson

Seaside, Laguna Grande park

Arroyo Bluet Enallagma praevarum 

October 8, 2007

Mono & Inyo Counties

Ron & Barbara Oriti

…. we spent going around seeing what dragonflies we could find.  A storm last Thursday into Saturday dropped snow in all the mountains, and it got cold, so we didn't have hopes for much.  First, went to Hot Creek (MONO COUNTY), …. nothing!    Next, went to the Hot Tub, where all the Whitetails were (MONO COUNTY), and we never saw one. 

Stopped by the place at the Owens River where Kathy netted the Green Darners (INYO COUNTY).  Saw 3 or 4 Western Meadowhawks, and one Blue-eyed Darner.  Ron photographed the Meadowhawk.  After that, drove out to Fish Slough, and at one place, there was a pair of Flame Skimmers, with the female ovipositing.  The male was staying close to her. There were 2 or 3 Darners, and a Variegated Meadowhawk.  There were a number of damselflies, too, and some were ovipositing.  Ron got photos of the Meadowhawk and Flame Skimmers.

Sonoma County
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol, CA
Shadow Darner – 1 male netted and released

October 1-2, 2007

San Diego County

Pete Spino
Banner Grade area west of Julian, where the Mountains drop down on their way to meet the Colorado Desert.  
This site has been has just been leveled for reasons unknown. Still managed to find a few shell-shocked bugs:
Vivid Dancer
Blue-ringed Dancer
Calif./Aztec Dancer
Flame Skimmer
Neon Skimmer Libellula croceipennis 
Pale-faced Clubskimmer
**Giant Darner Anax walsinghami – [new late flight date (Oct. 1) & last report 2007 – kb]
*Spot-winged Glider Pantala hymenaea  [last report 2007 – kb]




September 30, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Oasis, Dos Palmas Preserve; 9:00-13:30, clear, 80-93 degrees, calm early to 10mph gusts later; it looked like Dos Palmas had a soaking rain within the past week; notable since some parts of the Coachella Valley have had less than 1/2 inch of rain in the last 14 months.

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  9 

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  1

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  10

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  27

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  50+ including four tandem and two tandem ovipositing pairs.

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  17

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  37 including two tandem and three tandem ovipositing pairs.

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata  4

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  31 including one ovipositing female.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  32

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  4

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  3

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea 1

*Marl Pennant, Macrodiplax balteata  16 including one tandem pair. [last date reported in 2007 – kb]

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  34 including two tandem pairs.

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  2


September 29, 2007

Imperial County

David Blue

West Pond Area

0900-1500, 72-93 degrees, moderate wind, 18 species

Checked the West Pond area in Imperial County on Saturday. Lots of odes, but nothing rare. The ditch where the Plateau Dragonlet was discovered last year has thicker vegetation this year and doesn't seem to be holding as many damselflies.

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  6 ph.
Powdered Dancer Argia moesta  40 ph.
Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  20 8 tandem
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile  1
Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii  20 ph.
Common Green Darner Anax junius  20
Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  2
Russet-tipped Clubtail Stylurus plagiatus  1F ph. [last report 2007 – kb]
Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata  6 ph.
Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata  3 1M 2F
Comanche Skimmer Libellula comanche  2 2M
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  1 M
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  50 ph., 2 wheels
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens  1
Spot-winged Glider Pantala hymenaea  1 ph.
Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa  8 ph.
Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum  6 ph.
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  12 ph.


Sonoma County 
Don Roberson
Copeland Creek @ Lichau Road, near Penngrove, n.e. of Petaluma
1130-1315; sunny and a little breezy; warmed to 70+ degrees in afternoon
Arrived at the Lichau Road bridge at 1130 and the blackberry brambles/ 
alders were immediately obvious left of the bridge (see Kathy Biggs's  
post 26 Sep 2004). The sun was on the bushes but the only ode there  
was a meadowhawk. So I worked downstream and upstream for over an  
hour, and then returned to the brambles. Suddenly Archilestes was  
'easy' -- my guess is that it finally got hot enough (i.e., broke 70  
degrees). The ones I saw all looked very fresh.
*Great Spreadwing Archilestes grandis 3 (2 m, 1 f) – last report 2007
Vivid Dancer 6
C. Green Darner 2
mosaic darner 1 m, got away without a name
Striped Meadowhawk 1

September 28, 2007

Santa Cruz County

Laurie Woolworth

Thursday, about 6:30 pm

Boulder Creek

hundreds, maybe thousands of dragonfly's filled my neighborhood.  It was quite unusual.  Right before sunset hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dragonflies filled my back yard.  My neighbors and I stopped what we were doing and went outside and watched them for about a half hour.  There was still light in the sky when we all kinda wandered back inside and let the dragonflies continue to swarm our yards. I've never seen anything like this in all my life.  My neighbor took a video.


Kern County

John Sterling

Galileo Hills in eastern Kern County

*Red Rock Skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes – photographed – last report 2007


September 24, 2007

Lake County

David and Kathy Biggs

Hwy 20, East of Cache Creek

**Giant Darner Anax walsinghami – one male flew over the road at traffic stop for roadwork! New late flight date.


September 19-24, 2007

Los Angeles County

Jeff Seay and John Sterling

While surveying for birds in the San Gabriel Mountain region, we were able to find a few interesting odes.  On September 19, *Lavender Dancers Argia hinei were along Big Tujunga Creek at the end of a forest service road upstream from the dam in the mountains (road closed to the public [last report 2007]).  On September 24, one male *Serpent Ringtail Erpetogomphus lampropeltis  [last report 2007] was along Upper Piru Creek (only five minutes from Hwy 5).  Some other species noted were

 Pale-faced Clubskimmer,

Cardinal Meadowhawk,

Arroyo Bluet,

Red Rock Skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes

Common Green Darner,

California Spreadwing,

Paddle-tailed Darner,

Blue-eyed Darners,

Black Saddlebags,

Wandering Glider

Spot-winged Gliders,

Variegated Meadowhawk.


September 21, 2007

Orange County

David and Linda Blue

Huntington Central Park, Huntington Beach

Common Green Darner Anax junius   20, one wheel and one ovipositing

Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor   30

Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata   1

Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata   2

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis   1

Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens   1

Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa   1

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata   1


September 18, 2007

Los Angeles County

John Sterling

Big Tujunga Canyon

*Sooty Dancer Argia lugens – last report 2007


September 16, 2007

Shasta County

Ray Bruun

I spent part of the day chasing odes along three creeks in Redding.  
Not a whole lot flying . . . but got my first ever Aztec Dancer.
Common Green Darner - common
Flame Skimmer - 1
Western Pondhawk - 2
Variegated Meadowhawk - common
Vivid Dancer - 1
*Aztec Dancer Argia nahuana – 1 [last for certain report 2007 –kb]
California Dancer - fairly common
Sooty Dancer Argia lugens – 1 – last report 2007
*Tule Bluet Enallagma carunculatum  – common  [last report 2007 –kb]
Pix are up at:


Orange County

John Avise

Huntington Beach, 8:35 AM

Huntington City Park, on the east side of Goldenwest Street, adjacent to Talbert Lake (which at the time was almost completely dry).

Rhionaeschna psilus (Turquoise-tipped Darner) – mature male – species #113 for CA!

The darner was observed along the north edge of the “wet area”, along the tongue or arm of Lake Talbert that extends to the east, toward Gothard Street. For most of the five minutes of observation, the animal was flying quickly and erratically in the area, over Myoporum shrubs, but it landed once, long enough for four photographs to be taken.


September 15, 2007
Imperial County
Bob Miller

Intersection English and Sinclair Rds
Variegated Meadowhawk ~8
Roseate Skimmer 2f
Red-saddlebags 1f
Rambur's Forktail 2m
East Highline Canal @ Sinclair Rd.
American Rubyspot 1m-2f
Powdered Dancer ~30
Blue-ringed Dancer ~30


September 14, 2007
Los Angeles County
& Linda Blue

Piru Creek, Frenchman's Flat

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  8
Sooty Dancer Argia lugens  12
Vivid Dancer Argia vivida 4
*Desert Firetail Telebasis salva  7 - last report 2007
Common Green Darner Anax junius  4
Giant Darner Anax walsinghami 1
Serpent Ringtail Erpetogomphus lampropeltis  1
Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax  3
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  3
Red Rock Skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes  20
Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum  1
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  3
Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta  1


September 12, 2007

San Diego County 
Pete Spino
Banner Grade area west of Julian, where the Mountains drop down on their way to meet the Colorado Desert.  
Flame Skimmer   4-5, saw 2 in wheel 
Neon Skimmer   2
Variegated Meadowhawk
*Common Whitetail Libellula lydia [last report 2007 – kb]
Pale-faced Clubskimmer  flew overhead
White-belted Ringtail  6
Vivid Dancer    many in wheels, F laying eggs
Desert Firetail   a few
American Rubyspot

September 7 &14, 2007

Los Angeles County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Los Angeles Arboretum 
Mexican Amberwings – photos taken


September 10, 2007

Marin County

Eric Preston

While birding Pt. Reyes yesterday on a stunningly beautiful day I saw the following odes:
Black Saddlebags - at least 3 including one at the lighthouse
Blue-eyed Darner - 1 perched
Aeshna darners - 5 or so, probably Blue-eyed
Tule/Arroyo Bluet - 5 at Abbott's
Black-fronted Forktail - 1 M at Abbott's


Butte County
Don Roberson
DeSabla Reservoir, 2740' elev.
[0930-1130, warm & calm, sunny but hazy from forest fires]
California Spreadwing 1 fem (ph) was a big surprise to me
Vivid Dancer 3
Pacific Forktail 1
Familiar Bluet 2 (m & f)
'blue bluets' 20+ (non Tules at lake edge, of Fam/No/Bo types]
Tule Bluet 50+ (a few studied were Tule, I assume all dark bluets were this]
mosaic darner 3
W. Pondhawk 1 m
Flame Skimmer 1 m
*Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella 1 fem [last date reported in 2007 – kb]
Variegated Meadowhawk 2 m
*Autumn Meadowhawk Sympetrum vicinum 1 m


Solano County
Don Roberson
Stebbins Cold Canyon Preserve, 
[1430-1630; very hot & sunny, calm]
No water in creek. Last year there was a nice trickling stream in October, a month later, starting at the half-mile point up the river bed. 
This date, nada. No water there, virtually no water for the next half-mile of boulder hopping up the creek bed, unless one counts 3 very 
tiny stagnant pools in deep shady spots. All the quail were gathered at these spots which were not larger than a desktop.
Odes: Walker's Darner 1 cruising male over the dry streambed


September 9, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Thousand Palms Oasis, Coachella Valley Preserve; 8:30-11:15, sunny, light wind, 85-100 degrees.

California Dancer, Argia agrioides  5 (two in hand)

*Paiute Dancer, Argia alberta  1M in hand  [last report 2007 – kb]

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  ~20

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  11 including a wheel and tandem ovipositing.

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  1

White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus  4

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  3

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  8

Marl Pennant, Macrodiplax balteata  1F

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  1


Inyo County

Ron & Barbara Oriti

**Bleached Skimmer Libellula composita – last report 2007; new late flight date by one day 


September 8 & 9, 2007

Plumas County

Don Roberson (8&9); Kathy & Dave Biggs, Ray Bruun, Joe Smith, Jenn Tiehm (9th only)

Willow Lake

Northern Spreadwing Lestes disjunctus [last report 9/9/2007 – kb]
Spotted Spreadwing
Vivid Dancer
Pacific Forktail
Western Forktail Ischnura perparva
Boreal Bluet 
Familiar Bluet 
C. Green Darner
* *Canada Darner Aeshna canadensis
[first report 9/8 & last report 9/9/2007 – kb]
*Variable Darner Aeshna interrupta 
[last report 2007 – kb]
Paddle-tailed Darner
Shadow Darner  
Black Meadowhawk Sympetrum danae
[last report 2007 – kb]
White-faced Meadowhawk  Sympetrum obtrusum
[last report 2007 – kb]
Western Meadowhawk
Striped Meadowhawk

Orange County

City of Orange, East side of the Santa Ana River
unidentified damselfly sp.
Common Green Darners 12+ 
Flame Skimmers
Wandering and Spot-winged Gliders, 
Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea one female
Black Saddlebags one
When viewed from a public bike/hiking trail, about 200-250 meters south of the Lincoln Street crossing, 
in the City of Orange (the Santa Ana R. forms the border between the city of Orange to the east and Anaheim to the west).  
This is just about a mile south of the S.R. 91 (Riverside) freeway and a mile east of SR 57 (Orange ) freeway. 
The coordinates (off Google Earth) if they are usual to anyone, is 33d 49m 59s N, by 117d 51m 48s W.

Variegated Meadowhawks 40-50


September 7, 2007

San Diego County

David Blue

Palomar Mountain State Park

Doane Pond only

Common Green Darner Anax junius  2

Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  6

Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata  1

Flame Skimmer Libellula saturate  2

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  4

Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens  1

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata 2

Santa Margarita River

Sandia Creek Park

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  1

Vivid Dancer Argia vivida  3

Tule/Arroyo Bluet Enallagma carunculatum/praevarum  2

Common Green Darner Anax junius  3

Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  2

*Gray Sanddragon Progomphus borealis  1 – last report 2007

Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax  3

Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata  1

Neon Skimmer Libellula croceipennis  1

Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  3

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  3

Red Rock Skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes  1

Cardinal Meadowhawk Sympetrum illotum  1

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  3


September 6/7, 2007

Orange County

Neon Skimmer - up to 10 males


September 4, 2007

Inyo County

Ron & Barbara Oriti

Owens River, east of Klondike Lake  (where we all had seen them on the Blitz)  

*Olive Clubtail Stylurus olivaceus– last sighting 2007


September 4, 2007

Plumas County

John Sterling

Humbug Valley

*Pacific Spiketail Cordulegaster dorsalis– last sighting 2007


September 2, 2007

San Diego County

Peter Siminski

Santa Margarita River at Sandia Creek Road, north of Fallbrook; 9:30-12:15, sunny, light wind, 85-103 degrees.

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana  10

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  4

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  7 (2 in hand)

Arroyo Bluet, Enallagma praevarum  50+ including many tandems and ovipositing tandems (6 in hand)

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  2

Black-fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis  7

Desert Firetail, Telebasis salva  9 including one tandem

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  20+ including five tandems, one ovipositing tandem and one female ovipositing.

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  2

Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis  2

Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum  1M

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  30+ including a wheel and two ovipositing females.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  15 

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  2

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata 20+ including an ovipositing female.

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  1

Red Rock Skimmer, Paltothemis lineatipes  2

Pale-faced Clubskimmer, Brechmorhoga mendax  1M

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  11 including 3 tandems, one of which was ovipositing.


Siskiyou County

Dave Payne

#We floated from Ferry Point (13 miles west of Happy Camp) to Coon Creek (18 miles west of Happy Camp).
Near the beginning of the float in the late morning stillness we were joined by approximately 150 Green Darners. 
They seemed to be about in varying numbers until the afternoon winds arrived. 
Once it became somewhat breezy the darners seemed to disappear.
The weather was clear, temps mid 70's early to low 90's later. 
Winds were calm till about 1330 hrs, then picked up to moderate upstream winds.
I only noticed one mature male, the rest were either female or immature males.


September 1, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Oasis, Dos Palmas Preserve; 8:45 - 11:45, sunny, calm, 102 - 112 degrees.

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  5

Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  1

Citrine Forktail, Ischnura hastata  3

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  ~18

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  9

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  1

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  50+ including a wheel and an ovipositing female.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  75+

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  11

Marl Pennant, Macrodiplax balteata  ~30 including tandem ovipositing pair.

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  13

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  3

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  5

Note:  Three sets of sidewinder tracks on the hike to the ponds.


Lassen County
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kretschmer
 Zamboni Hot Springs and Long Valley Creek, n. of Hallelujah Junction, 10:15-11:30; c. 80 deg, clear, light wind. 
All spp. seen along the creek except as noted.
*Calif. Spreadwing (Archilestes californica) -- 1 m in hand; 2 tenerals briefly seen may have been Archilestes or Lestes
Paiute Dancer (Argia alberta) -- a few at the springs
*River Bluet Enallagma anna -- 1 m in hand, others presumably this sp. fairly com. – last sighting 2007
Black-fronted Forktail -- a few m, both spots
Com. Green Darner -- 1 m
Gray Sanddragon (Progomphus borealis) -- perhaps 5-6, 1 or 2 fairly well seen, none netted
W. Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata) -- 1 m, 2 f
Flame Skimmer -- several m, both spots
Merced County
Paul Johnson
Hwy 140 @ San Joaquin River, 1645-1915
arroyo bluet - 1M
bluet sp. - 4F
American Rubyspot - 3
common green darner - 12
blue-eyed darner - 25
olive clubtail Stylurus olivaceus  - 8 (wheel) 
variegated meadowhawk - 40
wandering glider - 12
spot-winged glider - 1
black saddlebags - 1
Don't let anyone tell you the ode season is over!




August 30, 2007

Lassen County 
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kretschmer
Cooper Swamp, just e. of Caribou Wilderness, 9:00-10:30; 
75-85 deg, mostly cloudy (a few raindrops), gusty winds. 
We camped (utterly alone) at the Rocky Knoll CG, also a primitive site, at least this year. 
My guess is that the campground was closed much of the year to permit aggressive tree thinning, 
evidence of which was still present, making many of the sites pretty grim. We did find a nice one!
Spotted Spreadwing -- 1 m in hand
N. Spreadwing (Lestes disjunctus) -- 1 m in hand; unidentified spreadwings were fairly com., including 1 possible Emerald Spreadwing
Striped Meadowhawk (Sympetrum pallipes) -- fairly numerous, both m and f
White-faced Meadowhawk (S. obtrusum) -- 2-3 m, perhaps 1 f
W. Meadowhawk -- 1 f
Tehama County
Wilson Lake, s. of Lassen NP, 2 mi. e. of highway 89, 12:30-2:00; 85 deg, mostly cloudy, windy. 
A disappointment, presumably a casualty of the dry year:
There was scant open water, and it was essentially unapproachable, surrounded by an expanse of boot-sucking 
mud and sphagnum bog, dry and dead on the surface but *only* on the surface. 
spreadwing sp. -- several N./Spotted not identified
Black-fronted Forktail Ischnura denticollis -- 1 m collected; I had thought this might be a new species for Tehama, 
but then I noted a recent photo record....well, now there's a specimen!
darner sp. -- we did see 6-8 distant darners, but we saw no pattern to their foraging and never got close
Striped Meadowhawk -- a few
W. Meadowhawk -- 1 m
*Eight-spotted Skimmer Libellula forensis – 1 [last report 2007 – kb]

August 29, 2007

Lassen County 
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kretschmer
Ash Creek near Ash Ck CG, se. of Aden, 9:45-10-30; c. 75 deg, p. cloudy, brief light rain concluded our visit! 
Ash Creek CG is a primitive site (we couldn't even get water from the pump spigot), and 
we saw no one between late afternoon 8/28 and the next morning, when a Forest Service guy appeared to stock the creek with trout. 
We enjoyed the solitude.
Am. Rubyspot -- several, most m
Spotted Spreadwing (Lestes congener) -- 1 f, a second presumed this sp., both seen in camp the evening before,
perhaps preparing to roost well away from water?
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) -- a few
Tule Bluet -- 1 m in hand, unidentified bluets fairly com.
N. Bluet (Enallagma annexum) -- 1 m in hand
W. Forktail (Ischnura perparva) -- a few
Flame Skimmer -- 1 f
Secret Creek at Karlo Road and w. along the road, ne. of Susanville, 1:00-2:00; 90+ deg, p. cloudy.
Tule Bluet -- many presumed this sp., 5 or 6 in hand
Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile) -- 1 m in hand
River Bluet (E. anna) -- 1 m at tiny rivulet crossing Karlo Road (N 
40°33.754' W 120°19.183') en route to Biscar Wildlife Area
N. Bluet -- 1 m in hand, a few others likely this sp.
W. Forktail -- many
Black-fronted Forktail (Ischnura denticollis) -- 1 m
Com. Green Darner -- 2 or 3
W. Meadowhawk (Sympetrum occidentale) -- 1 faded m
Eight-spotted Skimmer (Libellula forensis) -- 1 m, then many more in wet fields and roadside ditch w. along Karlo Road

August 24 - 29, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Our pond, Mt Shasta Forest, McCloud

Common Green Darner Anax junius  – several

Aeshna sp. – several

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata - 1

Cardinal Meadowhawk  – 1 pair ovipositing + 1 male


August 28, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs, Doug Vaughan & Doris Kretschmer

Medicine Lake Highlands key: PSW=Pumice Stone Well, LML=Little Medicine Lake, ML=Medicine Lake, BlL= Blance Lake, Bul=Bullseye Lake

Common Green Darner Anax junius  – several; all places

Variable Darner Aeshna interrupta  – many, 3 in hand; all places

Darner sp (probably Blue-eyed, possibly others too) – many; all places

Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum - 1 male; PSW, Bul

Striped Meadowhawk Sympetrum pallipes - 1 male; LML, Bul

Western Meadowhawk Sympetrum occidentale - 1 male; ML

Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum - several (one in hand); all places

*Boreal Bluet, Enallagma boreale - several (one in hand) – last sighting 2007

Bluet sp – possibly other species

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula - very few; ML


Dave Payne

# Brown Bear River Access (milepost 78 or so on highway 96, east of Happy Camp) on the Klamath River
I did lunch by the river and noticed another large group of Green Darners flying about. Most appeared to be female or immature males. 
No mature males were seen. There were easily several hundred dragons flitting about. One male Flame Skimmer also appeared. 
The weather was great, sunny and hot (high 90's) with very little wind. The Green Darners were still in the area when I left around 1 pm. 

Inyo County

Ron & Barbara Oriti
*Hoary Skimmer Libellula nodisticta – last report 2007

August 27, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Soda Springs, McCloud

Common Green Darner Anax junius – 50+

Aeshna sp. – several

Common Whitetail Libellula lydia – 1 mature male

12-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella, 1 male

Variegated Meadowhawk  Sympetrum corruptum - 1 male

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  - very few

Western Forktail, Ischnura perparva  - some (no Swift Forktails seen)


Los Angeles County

Doug Aguillard

Piru Creek off I-5, north of Valencia

Seen upon arrival at 8:30

Red Rock Skimmers
Pale-faced Clubskimmers
Sooty Dancers 
American Rubyspots. 
After a while, there were also
Flame Skimmers
Blue-eyed Darners 
Common Green Darner
I've noticed that Clubtails are always late for the party, and there was no exception in this case, as they started showing up at 10:30 AM. 
Serpent Ringtail – 3
Glenn County 
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kretschmer
Sacramento NWR; a brief lunch stop.
Com. Green Darner (Anax junius) -- several
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) -- 2 f, 1 m
Tehama County
Battle Creek Wildlife Area, ne. of Red Bluff, 2:00-2:45; 95 
deg, clear, light wind. Our only serious stop between the Bay Area and Mt. Shasta (and a brief one).
Am. Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) -- 1 m
Pac. Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- 1 m
Tule/Arroyo Bluets (Enallagma carunculatum/praevarum) -- many
Com. Green Darner -- 2 or 3
Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor) -- 1 m
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) -- 1 f
Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) - 1 m
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) -- several


August 25, 2007
San Benito County
Paul Johnson, Don Roberson
San Benito River at Sawmill Creek
(Remote area with rough roads, asbestos hazard) River level low, dry upstream of Sawmill confluence
* lavender dancer Argia hinei - 8 (3F5M, tandem pair) [first report 2007 – kb]
sooty dancer - 30
vivid dancer - ?
familiar bluet - 1 (plus several female bluets)
common green darner - a few
red rock skimmer - a few
wandering glider – 1
spot-winged glider - 1
Photos (first 5) are viewable in the Paul Johnson photos folder on CalOdes files:


Monterey & San Benito Counties 
Paul Johnson, Don Roberson
San Lorenzo River, east of King City [all species in both counties]
1410-1610 (sunny, breezy) 
Am Rubyspot 10
Calif Dancer hundreds (many color phases, see CalOdes)
Black-fronted Forktail 12
Western Forktail 2 f
Desert Firetail 15
C. Green Darner 15
Blue-eyed Darner 8
White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus 10 (photos upgrade this on the MTY list from a  'sight only' record)
Western Pondhawk 6
Flame Skimmer 25
Variegated Meadowhawk 20
I have updated the White-belted Ringtail page on the MTY Checklist with photos from this trip.
Also included are comparative shots of Serpent Ringtail from Piru Creek, Los Angeles Co., for an identification discussion.


Imperial County

Bob Miller

The tail ends of Dean hit all around the Imperial Valley but we did not get much.  
There were some stiff winds out of the SE Friday and Saturday though.  
I spent several hours Saturday afternoon looking for dragons between El Centro and Holtville.  
Typical things in some of the canals.  
American Rubyspot, Blue-ringed and Powdered Dancers, Familiar Bluets and Western Pondhawks.  
Found an interesting spot that will be worth visiting in the future.  
On the SE corner of Kamm Road and Hwy 115, which is about 1.5 miles north of the Hwy 115 and Old Hwy 80 intersection 
NW of Holtville.  There is an old Alfalfa dehydration mill on the NE corner.  
There is a small, very overgrown with Cattails, pond there. 
Alamo River is less than a mile away.  Was surprised at some of the odes found there. 
Not many damsels as there is not much water exposed. 
Red Saddlebags - 1f
*Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa - 2m 1f – last report 2007
Comanche Skimmer - 1m 1f
Common Green Darner - 2m
Blue-eyed Darner - 1f
Blue Dasher - 1m 1f
Western Pondhawk - 8
Familiar Bluet - 20

August 19, 2007

Siskiyou County

Dave Payne
#I was rafting from Cayuse to Quigley's on the Klamath River. This stretch is about 50 miles east of Happy Camp.  
Once again, female Green Darners were en mass and seemed to be traveling west along the river. 
There were probably several hundred females. I did notice one male Green Darner.
I also saw one male Blue-eyed Darner at Gottville River Access. 
The Green Darner swarms have been interesting, all seem to be heading west along the river. 
The group in yesterday's report was 70 miles downriver from today's gathering.
August 18, 2007
Lassen County

Ray Bruun

Paiute Dancer - 1 male (photograph)
*Emma's Dancer Argia emma - 1  [last report 2007 – kb]
Vivid Dancer - several
River Bluet - all the bluets I checked out were River, but last week there were several Tule and at least one Familiar (photographs).
Western Forktail - several females
Black-fronted Forktail - common
Common Green Darner - common
Blue-eyed Darner - several

White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus – County record, photo voucher, CA chart #55, OC# 263183
Great Basin Snaketail Octogomphus morrisoni (probable) - 1 (photograph)  - last report 2007
White-belted Ringtail -1 (photograph)
Western Meadowhawk - 1 female
Striped Meadowhawk - 1 female
Western Pondhawk - several females and a couple of males
Desert Whitetail Libellula subornata - 1 male – last report 2007
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
- several 
Flame Skimmer – common


Siskiyou County

Dave Payne

# I noticed today the Green Darners seemed to be massing and moving downriver toward the coast. 
I was west of Happy Camp today and saw many female Green Darners on the move.
There was probably about 75 Green Darners scattered over a mile of river near Swillup Creek. 
I don't think I saw any males in this group. 
Other stops included Wyland Gulch (17 miles west of Happy Camp). Here a steady stream and waterfall grace a roadside picnic stop.  
This is also the patrol area for several male Pacific Spiketails. A few Vivid Dancers were about also. Good blackberries are here also. 
A stop at Swillup Creek (19 miles west of Happy Cmp) produced a patrolling male River Cruiser. A few Vivid Dancers were also seen here. 
The Green Darners caught my attention because I have not seen that many this season. Earlier sightings were mostly males, a few 
scattered females, a few pairs, some ovipositing, that sort of thing. Today it looked like the girls were heading somewhere important.


August 17, 2007
Imperial County
Pierre Deviche
West Pond (N. of Yuma),
American Rubyspot: 1
Powdered Dancer: 100s
Blue-ringed Dancer: 1M +?1F
Rambur's Forktail
Bluet sp: 2M
Common Green Darner
White-belted Ringtail: ~20
Brimstone Clubtail: NOT!
Russet-tipped Clubtail: 1F
Red-tailed Pennant: 1
Western Pondhawk
Comanche Skimmer: 2M + 2F
Widow Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Spot-winged Glider
Wandering Glider
Mexican Amberwing
Black Saddlebags

Sonoma County

Kathy Biggs

Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol

Vivid Dancer – on male

Pacific Forktail – a few males & females, ovipositing
Western Forktail – 1 male, 1 female ovipositing

Darner sp. – 2 ovipositing females, assumed to be Shadow Darners

Darner sp. – males, assumed to be 1 Shadow Darner & 1 Blue-eyed

Darner exuvia - 3

8-spotted Skimmer – 1 male ‘flyby’

Blue Dasher – 1 male
Cardinal Meadowhawk – 2 males plus an ovipositing pairs

Monterey County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
upper Arroyo Seco River in Ventana Wilderness (1130-1430)
mostly a hike on trails up a bit from river, but we did record
Vivid Dancer 20
Pacific Spiketail Cordulegaster dorsalis 2 males patrolling the trail 
Walker's Darner 4 males


August 16, 2007 
Los Angeles County
Don Roberson
Piru Creek, Frenchmans Flat (0900-1130; hot ~90 degrees by mid- morning; 
didn't get much beyond a quarter-mile of creek right at  Frenchmans Flat as lots of activity; 
the paved road is blocked here by gate)
American Rubyspot 15
Sooty Dancer 80+
Vivid Dancer 40+
*Northern Bluet Enallagma annexum 3 [last report 2007 – kb]
bluet, sp 40
Arroyo Bluet 5
Black-fronted Forktail 1 m
C. Green Darner 1
Blue-eyed Darner 1
Serpent Ringtail 4 m (phs)
Gray Sanddragon 1 m (RC only)
Pale-faced Clubskimmer 30+ (exceptionally abundant!)
Cardinal Meadowhawk 2
Flame Skimmer 40
Red Rock Skimmer 25+


August 14 & 15, 2007
San Bernardino County
Don Roberson and Rita
Big Morongo Preserve (mostly Mesquite Trail loop)
14 Aug (0900-1000; 90 degrees, sunny & calm) and 15 Aug, again, with  
Rita, after picking her up at Ontario airport, 0915-1030). Of common  species, highest count mentioned
Vivid Dancer 15
C. Green Darner 40
Blue-eyed Darner 8
Flame Skimmer 3
Neon Skimmer 2 (different males at different sites: imm male 14 Aug,  d male 15 Aug)
Red Saddlebags 2
Spot-winged Glider 2
Wandering Glider 1
Oasis of Mara, Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, Twentynine Palms (1230; very hot)
Spot-winged Glider 2


August 12 & 13, 2007
Inyo County 
Don Roberson 
Antelope Spring
12 Aug (1310-1420, hot & calm); 13 Aug (0810-0950; getting hot,  slight breeze) highest count of either day reported:
Vivid Dancer 100+
C. Green Darner 80 (13 Aug)
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Pacific Spiketail 1 barely glimpsed, terrible 'corner-of-eye' view as  it patrolled the creek very fast
Western Meadowhawk 2
Variegated Meadowhawk 3
Black Saddlebags 1

Spot-winged Glider 1


August 13, 2007

Mono County

Kathy & Dave Biggs, Ron & Barbara Oriti

DeChambeau Ponds, just North of Mono Lake
Dancer sp.
Tule Bluet
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile 
- sight only record #7 CA chart
Western Forktail
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Western Pondhawk
8-spotted Skimmer
Flame Skimmer
Blue Dasher
*Saffron-winged Meadowhawk Sympetrum costiferum 
last report 2007
Variegated Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebags


Paul G. Johnson
Mono County
Owens River, upstream of Control Gorge Power Plant
-vivid dancer - abundant
-black saddlebags - common
-flame skimmer - 1
-mosaic darner - common
-common green darner - common
-Pacific spiketail - 1 possible sighting
Owens River upstream of Benton Road xing
-bluet spp. - common
-variegated meadowhawk - common
-saffron-winged meadowhawk - 1
-Great Basin(?) snaketail - 1(photo)
-common green darner – few
Inyo County
Don Roberson
Scottys Castle (1200-1230; hot & breezy)
Vivid Dancer 5
C. Green Darner 2
Flame Skimmer 2
Variegated Meadowhawk 1
Wildrose Spring, Panamint Mts (1430-1515, very hot ~105 degrees)
Vivid Dancer 3
Flame Skimmer 4
Water Canyon, just north of Trono SBE  [1600, very very very hot]
[California's only Riffle Darner was from "Water Canyon, Inyo Co." --  this is the only Water Canyon in INY that I found on the map.
It is a  broad absolutely dry wash, with no apparent vegetation visible in  either direction from Hwy 178. Maybe this is the wrong spot?]
In any  event, no odes at all.]

August 12, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

1,000 Palms Oasis, Coachella Valley Preserve; 11:15-12:15, sunny, calm, 105 degrees.

Paiute Dancer, Argia alberta  1M in hand

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  17

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  4M

Neon Skimmer, Libellula croceipennis  1M2F

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  2

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  1
Inyo County 
Don Roberson 
Tollhouse Springs (1200-1230; hot, ~90+ degrees)
C. Green Darner 1 fem perched (ph)
Blue-eyed Darner 1
Mono County 
Cottonwood Creek [a short quarter-mile stretch within Mono before it  
dips back into Inyo Co.; 1500-1530)
Vivid Dancer 2
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Red Saddlebags 1
Spot-winged Glider 6 (phs, including one perched)
Wandering Glider 3 (flight photo)
August 10, 2007 (CalOdes Blitz III)
Inyo County
Paul Johnson, Doug Aguillard, Kathy & Dave Biggs, Bob Miller, Jim (from NV), Ray & Steven Bruun, Ron & Barbara Oriti
Chalk Cliffs (a.m.)
1) Paiute dancer 
2) vivid dancer
3) black-fronted forktail
4) familiar bluet
5) common green darner
6) blue-eyed darner
7) gray sanddragon
8) variegated meadowhawk
9) western meadowhawk
10) blue dasher
11) eight-spotted skimmer
12) flame skimmer
13) black saddlebags
14) western pondhawk
Mill Pond (p.m.) (Kathy & Barbara only)
15) red saddlebags
Mono County
Fish Slough  (p.m.)
16) Pacific forktail
17) paddle-tailed darner
18) hoary skimmer Libellula nodisticta last report 2007
Blue eyed Darner
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis – Photo Voucher Ron Oriti CA Chart #96
August 11, 2007 (CalOdes Blitz III)
Paul Johnson, Doug Aguillard, Kathy & Dave Biggs, Bob Miller, Jim (from NV), 
Ray & Steven Bruun, David & Linda Blue, Ron & Barbara Oriti
Mono County
Whitmore Hot Spring  (a.m.)
19) spotted spreadwing
20) California dancer – 2 females collected by Biggs and determined by Rosser 
Garrison to be Argia agrioides CA Chart #7 OC #263903
21) saffron-winged meadowhawk
22) *Desert Whitetail Libellula/Plathemis subornata – Kathy caught specimens to scan 
for her website(s) and they will be the county documentation OC# 262877:
Little Hot Creek  (a.m.)
23) Tule bluet
24) *alkali bluet Enallagma clausum [last report 2007 – kb]
25) striped meadowhawk
26) black meadowhawk 
Inyo County
Klondike Lake  (p.m.)
27) bleached skimmer Libellula composita – last sighting 2007
Antelope Spring (Inyo Co.) (p.m.)
28) wandering glider
29) spot-winged glider
30) Pacific spiketail (1 male, 3 exuvia)
Blue eyed Darner
Western Meadowhawk
Blue Dasher
Ventura County
Doug Willick
Spot-winged Glider – one photographed 
August 12, 2007
Inyo County
Paul Johnson, Doug Aguillard, Kathy & Dave Biggs, Bob Miller, Jim (from NV), 
Ray & Steven Bruun, David & Linda Blue, Ron & Barbara Oriti
Klondike Lake  (a.m.)
31) river bluet
Owens River 1 mile SE Klondike Lake (Inyo Co.) (a.m.)
32) Olive Clubtail 
Not Mazourka Spring  (p.m.)
33) desert firetail
Ponds off Mazourka Rd. (Inyo Co.) (p.m.)
34) American rubyspot
Owens River overflow channel N of Mazourka Rd. (Inyo Co.) (p.m.)
35) desert forktail
Pre-trip (Kathy and Dave):
36) blue-ringed dancer
37) Emma's dancer
38) red-veined meadowhawk 
August 11, 2007 
San Francisco County
Doug Vaughan
Ft. Point in San Francisco.
Amid countless tourists, *San Francisco Forktails [last report 2007 – kb] continue to fly in the wet ditch on the south side of the road just east of Ft. Point.
During a 10- or 15-minute visit (my first to this spot) this afternoon, my wife and I saw 4 or 5 males and at least 2 presumed females. 
One male was examined in hand and released. A few unidentified bluets were also present. Not a place to tarry and enjoy the wildness 
of the natural world, but one can at least marvel at the presence of this sparsely distributed species in such an unlikely place.
August 9, 2007 

Inyo County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Bristle Cone NM, 10,000 ft. elevation -received permission to do catch & release on a darner swam

Blue-eyed Darner – 3 caught & released, all females of this species

August 8, 2007

Matt Heindel

Los Angeles County

Carlsbad, just east of the freeway (I-5) 

We have a small pond (and mini-waterfall). In each of the four summers, we have had Neon Skimmers, but usually for short durations (as opposed to the Flame Skimmer, which is present daily during the summer). This year, I first noted a Neon in early July and thanks to the prompting of David Blue, I sent it to Kathy as he mentioned no one had reported it flying. Twice in the intervening four weeks I have seen the Neon; on two occasions this year (as with years past) I had both males perched within a couple feet of each other, allowing for nice comparisons (of course in these cases, they are so different than it is more for fun than to truly learn anything, as they appear so different..

Other than flyover darners and gliders, Flame Skimmer and Blue Dasher are the likely large odes at our house. (Smaller odes are primarily Black-fronted Forktail and Familiar Bluet.) If someone really wants to see Neon, they are welcome to check in to see if we are here (or if not walk around the back, but do note our neighborhood has a good watch program!), but given the irregularity with which I see Neon, not sure it is likely to pay great returns.


August 7, 2007

Inyo County

Kathy and Dave Biggs

Deep Springs, Hwy 168 – asked for and received permission to drive into College grounds

In the fields:

  1. Common Green Darner Anax junius
  2. Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor
  3. Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata
  4. Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens
  5. Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum
  6. Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata

At the Deep Spring:

  1. Paiute Dancer Argia alberta
  2. Vivid Dancer Argia vivida
  3. Darner sp. Aeshna/Rhionaeschna sp.
  4. Pacific Forktail Ischnura cervula
  5. Western Forktail Ischnura perparva
  1. Black-fronted Forktail Ischnura denticollis
  1. Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata
  2. Eight-spotted Skimmer Libellula forensis
  3. Hoary Skimmer Libellula nodisticta
  4. Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata
  5. Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum


August 6, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Lake Fulmor, San Jacinto Mountains; 9:30-11:30, sunny, calm, 65-70 degrees.

Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum  6 (3 in hand)

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  ~20 including one female ovipositiing.

Rhionaeschna sp. ~8, two seen well as multicolor, the remainder seemed californica, but only seen on the fly.

Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum  3

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  2


August 5, 2007

Imperial County

Peter Siminski

Fig Lagoon; 8:00-11:30, sunny, calm, 90-100 degrees

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  1

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  8 

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  ~70 including a dozen wheels.

Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  2

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  14

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  4 including one tandem pair.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  4

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  100+

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  5

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  4

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  4

Red Saddelbags, Tramea onusta  6

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  2

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  4

Note: Great numbers of dead threadfin shad floating on the water. Several Bordered Patch nectaring on Tamarix.


August 4, 2007
San Diego County
Don Roberson
Green Valley Falls, Sweetwater River, Cuyamacha SP (0830-1030, 85 degrees & hot & calm)
$6 day-use fee; had to park at entrance and walk about a mile to the falls (no day-use parking open), 
checking various spots on the river en route. The river was very low... just a series of small puddles, 
really, until the trickling falls, which are nice. My list is entirely  unlike any other lists I've seen from this site, 
and I worked pretty hard during my two hours:
Vivid Dancer 20+
*Walker's Darner  Aeshna walkeri 1
Red Rock Skimmer 12
Lindo Lake, near Lakeview (1100-1145, 88 degrees, hot & calm)
Black-fronted Forktail 4
C. Green Darner 10+
Blue Dasher 50
Flame Skimmer 4 (ph)
Mexican Amberwing 12 (ph)
Spot-winged Glider 1 perched (ph)
Neon Skimmer one 
August 3, 2007
San Diego County 
Don Roberson
Culp Valley, Anza-Borrego SP (1700-1730; 90 degrees+, sunny & calm)
I was trying to find "Paroli Springs," a spot visited by Paul Johnson in previous years. 
I could not find reference to this spring on the on-line maps, but did see Pena Spring in Culp Valley. 
So I located that spot at the end of a dirt road -- or actually, located a trailhead for a half-mile hile to Pena Spring. 
The trail proved to be straight uphill in a series of switchbacks. I was exhausted and the time was getting late. 
Never made it to the springs but was surprised to see odes flying across the barren desert and going upslope near dusk: 
darner, sp 1,
Black Saddlebags 1
Wandering Glider 1
I wondered whether they were heading to the spring to roost or, rather, heading uphill from the unfound Paroli Spring to a roosting spot far from water. Mysteries, just mysteries.
Imperial County 
Westside Main Canal @ Hwy 98, west of Calexico (0815-1015; 100 degrees, hot & sunny, no wind)
American Rubyspot 2
Powdered Dancer 100+
C. Green Darner 3
Blue-eyed Darner 1+
White-belted Ringtail 4 (ph)
*Brimstone Clubtail Stylurus intricatus 2 (pair in tandem; ph) [last report 2007 – kb]
Roseate Skimmer 2+
Red Saddlebags 6
Wandering Glider 2
Hdqs., Sonny Bono NWR (1100-1130; 104 degrees, calm)
Blue Dasher 30
Roseate Skimmer 3
Red Saddlebags 5
Wandering Glider 6
Eastside Main Canal, E end of Sinclair (1145-1230; 105 degrees, hot & calm)
Powdered Dancer 25
Blue-ringed Dancer 2
Roseate Skimmer 1 m (ph)
Westside Main Canal @ Hwy 98, west of Calexico (1430-1445; 106+ degrees, sunny & slight breeze)
Powdered Dancer 40
Russet-tipped Clubtail 1 (ph)
Photos and more of a story are now available at


Tuolumne County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Twain Heart – in a small field that was surrounded by willows and some other trees, very close to the Twain Harte grocery store

Olive Clubtail Stylurus olivaceus – male photographed [new county record, CA Chart # 100, OC#284474]

Widow Skimmer - photographed

Lyons Reservoir, east of Twain Heat - not out at the main lake, but along a small, quiet arm where a small creek entered. 

Widow Skimmers

Common Whitetails




July 30, 2007

San Bernardino County

Peter Siminski

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Neon Skimmers 4


San Bernardino County

Peter Siminski

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve: 8:30 - 10:30, sunny, 85 - 95 degrees, calm.

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  ~30

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  4

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  3

Neon Skimmer, Libellula croceipennis  3M1F, female ovipositing.

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  12

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  ~40

July 28, 2007 
Santa Barbara County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello 
Santa Ynez River at Paradise Rd.,  (1015-1415; hot, sunny but breezy, 88 degrees, partly cloudy in p.m.)
Some of area recently burned; portions of river closed until mid-day  due to recent fire
American Rubyspot 2 m
Calif. Dancer 15 (plus some teneral dancers, can't rule out Vivid also)
Sooty Dancer 100+, incl. many tandems and many blue youngsters/females
Northern Bluet 20 (2 males examined; females & tenerals i.d. is  assumed only)
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Giant Darner 5
Gray Sanddragon 4 m
*Serpent Ringtail  Erpetogomphus lampropeltis 1 m
Pale-faced Clubskimmer 4 m
Western Pondhawk 10
Cardinal Meadowhawk 3
Flame Skimmer 50
Red Rock Skimmer 40
Wandering Glider 1
story and  view images:
San Mateo County
Jan Hintermeister, Debbi Brusco & Karen DeMello
We took the short walk around Horseshoe Lake at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve (see for preserve info):
Aeshna sp. DARNERS.


July 29, 2007
Placer  County

Margaret and Steve Martan
We live in Roseville, CA 20 miles east of Sacramento and 20 miles west of Auburn and the foothills. Neon Skimmer – 2 males

July 25, 2007
San Benito County
Paul G. Johnson
Pinnacles National Monument, Bear Gulch Reservoir
1330-1815, 80-95F, breezy
-no/bo bluet – hundreds
-CA dancer – 6 (ID in hand)
-western forktail – 10
-desert firetail – 8
-common green darner – 2m
-blue-eyed darner – 4 (pair in mating wheel)
-white-belted ringtail – 1
-gray sanddragon – 1
-cardinal meadowhawk – 1
-western pondhawk – 1
-common whitetail – 2
-flame skimmer – 10
-black saddlebags – b
-wandering glider – 1
Bear Gulch Visitor Center, 1230
-pale-faced clubskimmer - 1
July 23, 2007
Plumas County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Willow Lake (1000-1145; calm & hot & sunny; worked spaghnum bogs both ends of lake)
Vivid Dancer 15
No/Bo Bluet 30
Pacific Forktail 10
Western Forktail 20
*Western Red Damsel Amphiagrion abbreviatum 2 male – last sighting 2007
*Sedge Sprite Nehalennia irene  5, inc. two tandems – last sighting 2007
C. Green Darner 1 m
Paddle-tailed Darner 4 m
*American Emerald Cordulia shurtleffi - 1 m [last report 2007 – kb]
*Dot-tailed Whiteface Leucorrhinia intacta 5 – last sighting 2007
*Hudsonian Whiteface Leucorrhinia hudsonica 3 – last sighting 2007
Striped Meadowhawk 6
Variegated Meadowhawk 1 fem
White-faced Meadowhawk 20+, inc. some full males but many tenerals
*Four-spotted Skimmer 2 [last date reported in 2007 – kb]
Twelve-spotted Skimmer 1
July 22, 2007
Siskiyou County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Gumboot Lake (0830-1030; bright & warm but odes mostly absent until 0945, then abundant)
pond spreadwing, sp - 1 teneral; photos to be studied
Vivid Dancer 15
Bo/No Bluet 50+; one male netted was Boreal
mosaic darner, probably Variable 6 (flight photos to be reviewed)
American Emerald 6, including perched fem (phs)
* *Ringed Emerald Somatochlora albicincta 1 perched femaile (ph) – ONLY sighting 2007
Hudsonian Whiteface 1 imm female
Striped Meadowhawk 3
Twelve-spotted Skimmer 25
Gumboot Creek (1045-1200 -- this is the outflow creek from the lake where it crosses paved Rd 26 just beyond the turnoff to Gumboot Lake; 
this is an absolutely gorgeous spot with Darlingtonia pitcher plants)
Vivid Dancer 10
Bo/No Bluet 7
Variable Darner 2; 1 male perched (phs)
Shadow Darner 1 fem perched (phs)
Pacific Spiketail 2: 1 male patrolling, 1 female ovipositing (see below)
The female Spiketail was found ovipositing in a small shallow corner of the crystal clear creek. 
The performance was unbelievably spectacular -- and I managed photos. 
Please see a page with more details and a few shots at
Trinity County
Picayune Lake & vicinity (1245-1500)
Seeps along road 40N45:
 Vivid Dancer 10, 
12-spot Skimmer 3, and
*Black Petaltail Tanypteryx hageni -1 male. – last sighting 2007
Kathy & Dave reported in 2005 that all the seeps had several petaltails... this was not our experience.
I scrambled & climbed high up the steep hillside following each seep to up high, following the Darlingtonias uphill, 
but it took nearly an hour to find a single petaltail. The spot was hard to reach for Rita and by the time she got there it was gone.
Vernal pond on gated side road to Picayune Lake
spreadwings galore! 30+ in a short visit, those whose appendages were studied were:
*Emerald Spreadwing Lestes dryas 3 (including a teneral male) [last report 2007 – kb]
Northern Spreadwing 5
* *Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Lestes unguiculatus 2 [only sighting in 2007!!]
mosaic darner 7, incl. ovipositing fem & perched male (photos need to be 
studied; most seem likely to be Variable but some may have been other species)
American Emerald 4
Emerald, sp 2 -- another it flight was likely Mt
Common Whitetail 3 (ph)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer 20
Picayune Lake edge/bog
mosaic darner, likely Variable 4
* *Mountain Emerald Somatochlora semicircularis  2 nice males (ph) - ONLY sighting 2007


July 21, 2007

Orange County

City of Orange, East side of the Santa Ana River

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata – one male photographed, CA Chart #98


mid July, 2007

Inyo/Mono County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Various areas

Flame Skimmer

Variegated Meadowhawk

Western Meadowhawk


July 15, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Dos Palmas Preserve, Dos Palmas Oasis and San Andres Oasis; 7:00-11:30, sunny, 85-104 degrees, calm.

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  11 

Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  1

Citrine Forktail, Ischnura hastata  1M

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  14

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  26, two tandem pairs, one tandem ovipositing.

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata 1

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  60+, one female ovipositing.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  100s

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  26, one female ovipositing.

Widow Skimmer, Libellula luctuosa  11M

Marl Pennant, Macrodiplax balteata  25, three pairs tandem ovipositing, one wheel.

Black Saddelbags, Tramea lacerata  24

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  9

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  2


July 14, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Lake Tamarisk just north of Desert Center; 13:00-13:20, 105 degrees, high cirrus, moderate wind 15mph.

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  1M

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  3

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata  2F

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  1M 


Imperial County

Peter Siminski

Palo Verde County Park about 12 miles south of Blythe; 9:00-11:30, 95 - 102 degrees, high cirrus, windy 15 - 20 mph.

*Double-striped Bluet, Enallagma basidens  1 [last report 2007 – kb]

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  ~20, several pairs tandem ovipositing.

Citrine Forktail, Ischnura hastata  3

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  1

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  6

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  7M1F 

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  ~60

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  1

Widow Skimmer, Libellula luctuosa  ~50

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  2F

Black Saddelbags, Tramea lacerata  ~20

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  8

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  3

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  ~30


July 12, 2007

Siskiyou County

David Payne

Grider Creek CG and PCT

Pacific Spiketail - 4 males, 3 were on a different trib creeks feeding Grider Creek. 
One male perched (hung) on a bush in the campground parking lot. 
He let us approach to within one foot before flying off. Folks were amazed by his impressive size and eye color.
*Sinuous Snaketail Ophiogomphus occidentis - 3 males were flying and perching about the gravel parking area. 
Folks were amused by the name. – last sighting 2007
Vivid Dancer - I found one bright blue male perched on poison oak
Colusa County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Bear Creek – 4:00-4:30, from the road only, 86 degrees
(no Rubyspots seen)
CA/AZ Dancer
Blue type Bluet
Tule type Bluets
Giant Darner
White-belted Ringtail – 1 male
Widow Skimmer– 3 malew
Flame Skimmer– many
Variegated Meadowhawk – dozens
Black Saddlebags – 2


July 10, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

‘Dragonfly Roost Pond’, our yard, Mt. Shasta Forest, east of McCloud, elevation 4700’

We added 3 more species to our pond list: A female Shadow Darner, a male Common Whitetail, and a Variegated Meadowhawk.

This brings our species list there to 12.

Species on the pond were

*Shadow Darner Aeshna umbrosa  – 1 female

Aeshna sp. – 1-2 males

12-spotted Skimmer, 2 males

Common Whitetail Libellula lydia – 1 mature male

Variegated Meadowhawk  Sympetrum corruptum - 1 male

(no damsels seen this day!)

July 13, 2007
Kern County 
Paul G. Johnson
Lake Ming, NE Bakersfield 1545-1615
Emma’s dancer – 1 (southern most record???)
Pacific forktail - 2
Mosaic Darner sp.- 1
Variegated meadowhawk – 1
Blue dasher – 2
Santa Clara County 
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
Seep area
Vivid Dancer  30                       
Pacific Forktail 4                    
Paddle-tailed Darner   1  photo            
Mosaic Darner,sp 1                    
Pacific Spiketail   6                 
Cardinal Meadowhawk   1               
Northern Spreadwing    12              
Black Spreadwing   1                  
Pond Spreadwing, sp  1                
Tule Bluet   3                        
Bluet,sp    150                         
Arroyo Bluet  40                       
Pacific Forktail  20                   
Western Forktail  4                   
Paddle-tailed Darner  1               
Mosaic Darner,sp    2                 
Common Green Darner  2                
Blue-eyed Darner     3                
Pacific Spiketail    1                
Eight-spotted Skimmer  15              
Widow Skimmer   1                     
Flame Skimmer  25                      
Blue Dasher    50                      
Common Whitetail  4                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk   10               
Red-veined Meadowhawk 4               
Striped Meadowhawk                   
Black Saddlebags  3                   
San Mateo County
Skyline Ridge OSP
Alpine Pond
Northern Spreadwing    1              
California Dancer   12                 
Tule Bluet  1                         
Arroyo Bluet    4                     
Pacific Forktail  15                   
Mosaic Darner,sp    2                 
Eight-spotted Skimmer  8              
Widow Skimmer  2                      
Flame Skimmer   15                     
Blue Dasher    15                      
Black Saddlebags   3                  
Horseshoe Lake
Northern Spreadwing   1               
California Dancer   50                 
Tule Bluet  9                         
Boreal/Northern Bluet    1            
Arroyo Bluet 3                        
Pacific Forktail   7                  
Mosaic Darner,sp   4                  
Common Green Darner 4                 
Blue-eyed Darner   3                  
Western Pondhawk  6                   
Eight-spotted Skimmer   35             
Widow Skimmer    2                    
Flame Skimmer    50                    
Blue Dasher   20                       
Common Whitetail   1                  
Black Saddlebags   5     

July 8, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

CDFG San Jacinto Wildlife Area; 8:30a.m. - 12noon, sunny, 85 - 95 degrees, calm to lightwind.

Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum 2 (one in hand).

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  100s (4 in hand), several tandems and some ovipositing.

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  ~20, one tandem, one tandem ovipositing.

*California Darner, Rhionaeschna californica  3 – last sighting 2007

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  ~15, one tandem pair.

Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis  1F

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  3M2F

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  15M5F

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  5M3F

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  1M1F

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  ~25

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  15, one wheel.

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  ~40, several tandems and several wheels.

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  6


Sacramento County

Chris Conard and Kimya Lambert

American River Parkway behind Rio Americano High School

*Olive Clubtail Stylurus olivaceus

Blue Dasher

Variegated Meadowhawk

Western Pondhawk (female photoed)

Widow Skimmer

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Flame Skimmer

Common Whitetail – male and female

Spreadwing sp


Sacramento County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

Glenbrook Park, American River Parkway, Sacramento
10-11 a.m., hot (~88 degrees) & sunny; didn't search for damsels at all
Olive Clubtail 1 m (photo)
Com Whitetail 3
Flame Skimmer 2
Widow Skimmer 5
12-spot Skimmer 1
Wandering Glider 20+
Tehama County
Ray Bruun
Brokeoff Mountain trail in Lassen Park
Variable Darner Aeshna interrupta  – sight record only; CA Chart #55


July 7, 2007

San Diego County

Peter Siminski

Santa Margarita River below Sandia Creek Road, Fallbrook; 9:40a.m. - 1:30p.m.,

sunny, 80 - 90 degrees, calm to light wind.

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana  2M2F

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  2

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile ~18 (2 in hand), one ovipositing tandem.

Arroyo Bluet, Enallagma praevarum  ~40 (5 in hand), 5 tandems ovipositing.

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  8, two females ovipositing.

Black-fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis  2

Desert Firetail, Telebasis salva  10

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  13M2F, one tandem pair.

Giant Darner, Anax walsinghami  1M

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor 1M

Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis  2M1F, one very fresh teneral hanging at about 10:30a.m..

Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum  1M

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  8M

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  1M

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  7M

Common Whitetail, Plathemis lydia  1M

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata ~20, one female ovipositing.

Red Rock Skimmer, Paltothemis lineatipes  5M1F

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata  10, two tandem pairs, one female ovipositing alone.

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  1

Lassen County 

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

Silver Lake 0830-1000 (there is a N end and E end to roads around the 
lake, but the best spot by far was a marshy area right at Silver Beach 
picnic area; warm & sunny)
Emerald Spreadwing 1 m
Sooty Dancer (2 females; photo'd) - Silver Lake. They were unexpected there and I now see that there is no record for Plumas County, 
which is just a very short distance away.
Northern Bluet 1 m netted; 50+ No/Bo types may have been all Northern
Tule Bluet 30
*Taiga Bluet Coenagrion resolutum 2 m (photos) – last sighting 2007
W. Forktail 15
C. Green Darner 1 in flight (ph)
*Variable Darner Aeshna interrupta 1 in flight (ph)
Hudsonian Whiteface 100 (ph)
*Crimson-ringed Whiteface Leucorrhinia glacialis 2 m (ph) – last sighting 2007
4-spot Skimmer 40
8-spot Skimmer 2
Cooper Swamp (1015-1100; hot & sunny -- could have stayed longer but wanted to get to Willow Lk)
No/Bo bluet 15
Tule Bluet 10
Taiga Bluet 2 (ph)
Black-fronted Forktail 4 (ph)
West Forktail 5
*Grappletail Octogomphus specularis  1 m [last report 2007 – kb]
American Emerald 1 m -- fabulous views of a foraging and often-perching male at the edge of the swamp (phs)

meadowhawk, sp 2 teneral


Plumas County 
Willow Lake 1230-1600 (up to 93 degrees, mostly sunny, occ breeze; we worked the sphagnum bog at both ends of lake, 
plus E shore, plus the outlet stream, plus farther downstream in meadows to attempt a broad 
cross-section of habitats). Most say that the little pools full of red sundews within the sphagnum bog were very impressive!
Vivid Dancer 40
No/Bo bluet 80; 1 m netted was Northern
Tule Bluet 5
Pacific Forktail 10
Western Forktail 40
*Sedge Sprite Nehalennia irene 4
Paddle-tailed Darner 6 (3 photo'd in flight)
*American Emerald Cordulia shurtleffi 3 in flight, including an ovipositing female
*Chalk-fronted Corporal Libellula julia 1 m – last report 2007
Hudsonian Whiteface 100+: habitat preference was on the bog and in open meadows
Dot-tailed Whiteface 30 -- distinctive habitat preference on ponds with lily pads within the bog
4-spot Skimmer 40
8-spot Skimmer 4
12-spot Skimmer 1 f

White-faced Meadowhawk 2 fem (ph)


Lassen County
Paul Johnson with Joe Smith, Jenn Tiehm, and Liam O’Brien
Little Willow Lake. 
We were scouting the area for the Lassen butterfly count the next day. 
Needless to say, 
I was distracted by the odes.  We were there from 5-6 p.m., but still I managed to see a few.  
Species included 
Emerald spreadwing
Hudsonian whiteface
Crimson-ringed whitefaces - my first ever 
Predation on Zygopterans was common, with robber flies eating a bluet and an emerald? spreadwing, and a whiteface eating a damsel.  
Images are at:


July 6, 2007

Modoc County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Modoc NWR, Dorris Reservoir (0710-0810; warm & sunny despite being early)
bluet, sp (possibly Tule or Familiar) 1 f (netted) + 10+ seen
Alkali Bluet 7 (5 m, 2 f -- 2 netted)
8-spot Skimmer 7
Modoc NWR, tour route (0815-1015; 90 degrees & warming, partly cloudy, calm)
No/Bo bluet 15+
Tule Bluet 300 (est)
W Forktail 50+
C. Green Darner 8
mosaic darner 4 (Blue-eyed?)
C Whitetail 4
Western Pondhawk 40
8-spot Skimmer 100+
12-spot Skimmer 5
and a veritabl+e bonanza of emerging meadowhawks in the hundreds, of which these were identified:
Striped Meadowhawk 3, incl pair in wheel
Variegated Meadowhawk 10+
Western Meadowhawk 3 (1 m, 2 f)
*Black Meadowhawk Sympetrum danae 2 (1 m, 1 f)
*Saffron-winged Meadowhawk S. costiferum 3 fem-types
*White-faced Meadowhawk  S. obtrusum 1 fem-type
* *Cherry-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum internum 15, inc. 10 full or mostly-full-colored males, 5+ females – ONLY report 2007
North fork Pit River (9.5 mi N of Alturas where there is easy access to river via a huge wide pullout on west side of 395; 113-=1215; 95 degrees)
Am Rubyspot 8
*River Jewelwing Calopteryx aequabilis  6 [last report 2007 – kb]
Sooty Dancer 40
Emma's Dancer 1
No/Bo bluet 50
*Pale Snaketail Ophiogomphus severus 1 spectacular male perched on rocks in river, and approached closely (phs) – last sighting 2007
C. Whitetail 1 m
8-spot Skimmer 15
12-spot Skimmer 2
Lassen County
Ash Creek Campground, s.e. of Adin
1330-1500; warm but cloudy, then a thundershower over last hour of visit
Am Rubyspot 8
River Jewelwing 2
Vivid Dancer 15
No/Bo bluet 40+
Western Forktail 10
Grappletail 50+ (not quite as abundant as the 100+ in June but still just everywhere)
Great Basin Snaketail 20
Dot-tailed Whiteface 1
8-spot Skimmer 30
12-spot Skimmer 3

July 5, 2007

Los Angeles County

Matt Heindel

I had a male *Neon Skimmer Libellula croceipennis at my backyard pond- my first of the year. It is a small pond, but I get to see Flame and Neon together during the summer.


Lassen County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

I retraced much of my early June trip to Modoc & Lassen counties with 
Rita, and we did well in refinding much of what she had previously 
missed. We added a few 'new' spots for us as well, and a visit to Plumas 
County also. Some overall impressions: (a) river levels had dropped in 
the far northeast from June, making access easier on the Pit River and 
odes abundant; (b) meadowhawks were just emerging in most places -- 
Modoc NWR proved to be a bonanza; (c) spreadwings were almost entirely 
absent in the places we visited -- perhaps not yet emerged at higher 
elevations?; (d) W Red Damsel was missing from many locales I had found 
it in June, and we missed it entirely; (e) at higher elevations in 
LAS/PLU, Hudsonian Whitefaces were abundant but Crimson-ringeds were 
very scarce (a bit early?) and we found none of the 
Crimson-ringed/Belted ilk at Willow Lake, despite fine weather; and (f) 
what a difference there is between years at the same site on the same 
date. For example, on 7 July 2005, Hall & Edwards spent 4 hours at 
Willow Lake PLU and reported 40 Chalk-fronted Corporals. We spent almost 
4 hours at Willow Lake on 7 July 2007, and worked hard for exactly one (1) corporal.
Here is a chronological report:
Zamboni Hot Springs & Long Valley Creek (98 degrees, calm & sunny; 0945-1115)
Pauite Dancer 40
Western Forktail 50
Black-fronted Forktail 20
Blue-eyed Darner 10, inc pair in wheel
Gray Sanddragon 1 m on sand bars in creek
Western Pondhawk 80
Western Meadowhawk 1 f (photo)
meadowhawk, sp 5 tenerals
8-spot Skimmer 30
Comanche Skimmer 1 f (ph)
Hoary Skimmer 5 m (ph)
Flame Skimmer 15
Black Saddlebags 2 (pair in tandem flight)
Secret Creek @ Karlo Road (1230-1320; over 100 degrees, calm & sunny)
Am Rubyspot 2
Aztec Dancer 1 m (netted)
a veritable treasure trove of bluets (hundreds), inc:
Boreal Bluet 1 m netted
Northern Bluet 1 m netted (there were 100s of No/Bo types)
Tule Bluet 7 (1 m netted)
*River Bluet Enallagma anna 1 m (netted; photo'd)
Pacific Forktail 10
Black-fronted Forktail 10
Western Forktail 50
C. Whitetail 3
8-spot Skimmer 10 (plus others floating dead in stream; used as perches for bluets)
Flame Skimmer 6
meadowhawk, sp 1 teneral
Blue Lake (1430-1545; now partly cloudy but still 95 degrees)
Vivid Dancer 5
No/Bo bluet 80
Tule Bluet 10
Pacific Forktail 25
Western Forktail 40
mosaic darner, sp 2
*Spiny Baskettail Epitheca spinigera 2 m -- unfortunately, this time none were found perched – last sighting 2007
and the ones seen were in flight over the lake at some distance, so i.d. 
is presumptive on locale only [I photographed this species emerging here in June]
Dot-tailed Whiteface 1 m
Western Pondhawk 25
Com Whitetail 10
4-spot Skimmer 20
8-spot Skimmer 20
12-spot Skimmer 2

July 4, 2007

Colusa County

Chris Conard and Kimya Lambert

Bear Creek

American Rubyspot

Sooty Dancers - quite a few

Giant Darners 20+ (2+ at every stop)

Gray Sanddragons 5-6 

White-belted Ringtail

Pale-faced Clubskimmer.  

I got lucky and managed some decent photos of the Giant Darner and some other species:


Sacramento County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello

Dry Creek, Elverta (where the creek cross below Elverta Road, just south 
of Gibson Ranch County Park) 3-4 p.m.; very very hot, likely ~110 degrees, sunny & calm. 
The creek still has much water and lots of kids were swimming under the bridge. 
We went downstream, which was full of odes, but was also a homeless encampment that made us uncomfortable, 
esp. when a drunk guy start yelling that someone had stolen his "sh--t". 
Still, many odes along the creek, including an amazing hatch of meadowhawks.
Am Rubyspot 2
Cal-type dancer 10
Vivid Dancer 30
Emma's Dancer 6 (photo)
Pacific Forktail 1 f
White-belted Ringtail 4 (phs)
Pale-faced Clubskimmer 1 m watched skimming and then perching in root  tangle above water (ph)
Variegated Meadowhawk 100+ (ph), just 'swarming' in some bushes
Striped Meadowhawk 5
Western Pondhawk 8
Blue Dasher 20
Flame Skimmer 5
Widow Skimmer 1 m
12-spot Skimmer 2 m

July 3, 2007

Inyo County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Hot Creek north of Bishop

*Desert Whitetail Libellula subornata - lots - while we only saw a couple at the creek itself, near one of the hot springs to the east, there were swarms of them, both flying and perching on the bushes.  There were perhaps 40 or 50 around at any given time.  It was wonderful to see so many!  

Also, we have seen a few Whitetails at Fish Slough, since the third or fourth week of June, and continuing on into July.  We are out there regularly, and there are always some whitetails around. Actually, Fish Slough has a pretty good variety of dragonflies.  One place always has Hoary Skimmers and Gray Sanddragons, which are both fun to see.  Then there are Common Green Darners, Blue-eyed Darners, or one like him, Black Saddlebags, Flame Skimmers, Four-spotted Skimmers, Eight-spotted Skimmers, Blue Dashers, Western Pondhawks, and at least a couple types of Meadowhawks.  There are also damselflies, but I have trouble identifying them,

Buckley Ponds has all those mentioned above except for the Whitetails, Hoary Skimmers, and Four-spots.   We were delighted to discover Sanddragons there, and could actually see 8 or 9 at one time!  They sit fairly quietly, and Ron got some good photos of them. 

Discovered  some American Rubyspots along the Owens River when we were out there a few days ago.  There were 4 active males flying around, and a couple females.   < Saw a pair mating, which is most useful for getting a positive ID on both male and female! >  They are really pretty!! 


July 1, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Oregon Slough @ road A28, north of Montague

Dave and I stopped for a few minutes at this inviting creek to see if any Jewelwings were there.

They weren’t, but we did see a few Odes:

Bluet sp.- several pairs ovipositing

Pacific Forktail – one female

8-spotted Skimmer – 2 males

Common Whitetail – 1 male

Flame Skimmer – 1 male


Riverside County

Peter Siminski

Blythe area: Mayflower County Park (MCP) along the Colorado River primarily the park lagoon, and then the Palo Verde Irrigation Canal (PV); 9:30a.m. - 1:30p.m., sunny, 95 - 110 degrees, calm to light wind.

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana  3M1F (PV).

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  200+ including 50+ tandem ovipositing (PV).

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  5M (MCP); 100+ including 20+ tandem ovipositing (PV).

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile 80+ including 20+ tandem ovipositing (MCP),  100+ including about 20 tandem ovipositing ((PV).

Citrine Forktail, Ischnura hastata 1 (MCP).

Rambur's Forktail, Ischnura ramburii  1 (MCP).

Common Green Darner, Anax junius  9 including one tandem pair ovipositing for about 20 minutes (MCP).

White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus  7M (PV).

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  3M1F (MCP); 7M1F (PV). 

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  60+ including three wheels and one female ovipositing (MCP),

Mexican Amberwing, Perithemis intensa  6M1F, One male seen apparently guarding piece of dead floating Typha stalk about 18" long, later a wheel with female on that Typha stalk, then female solo ovipositing at waterline edge of Typha stalk, kind of dabbing her ovipositor on the stalk while in hovering flight (MCP).

Widow Skimmer, Libellula luctuosa  6M2F (MCP)

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta 12 including 1 tandem pair dropping the female for ovipositing (MCP).

Wandering Glider, Pantala flavescens  3 including one ovipositing (MCP),

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  1(MCP), 1(PV).

NOTE: At MCP County Ordinance #328 does not allow removing, defacing or disturbing wildlife.  However, I asked a manager at MCP, if I could catch and release a few damsels if I needed to ID up close.  He said OK.  He checked with me later and thought this was great.  The way people use the county park (fishing, swimming, jet skiing and motor boating including fuel in the water, lawn mowing, dogs running free, and massive corporate agriculture next door with pesticides etc.) the impact of my activities seems like nothing.  P.S.  I never did need to catch anything.


Mono County

Ron & Barbara Oriti

Fish Slough

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata- photo record, CA Chart #96


June 2007


June 30, 2007

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

‘Dragonfly Roost Pond’, our yard, Mt. Shasta Forest, east of McCloud, elevation 4700’

We added a 9th species to our pond list: A female Black Saddlebags came in to oviposit.

We had a hard time at first figuring her out as she was so ‘fresh’ as to hardly have the

saddlebag marks colored up yet and she had very bright yellow spots that appeared to be

along the side of her abdomen! And, she was ‘throwing’ stings of eggs!

Species on the pond were

Pacific Forktail – 1 female

Western Forktail – 1 male

12-spotted Skimmer, 2 males and 2 females. The females were ovipositing.

Black Saddlebags – one ovipositing female


San Benito County

Dan Singer and Eric Preston

East Pinnacles NM

We started at the reservoir and there were many odonates there.

We went around almost the entire reservoir and had Giant Darner at every stop,

as well as Red Saddlebags at nearly every stop. We were pleasantly surprised by both.

After seeing Giant Darner with Common Green Darners, I suggest we change the English

name of Common Green Darner, to Tiny Green Darner. A complete list is below.
Vivid Dancer - 1
Arroyo Bluet - one that I could see the end bits on
Enallagma sp. - hundreds
Western Forktail - 10
Desert Firetail - 6
Common Green Darner - 20
Giant Darner - 5
Blue-eyed Darner - lots
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 3
Common Whitetail - 4
Flame Skimmer - lots
Black Saddlebags - lots
Red Saddlebags - 3
Wandering Glider - 1

Monterrey and San Benito Counties
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
After years of lusting after access to the San Lorenzo River east of  King City, Rita and I 
were finally able to arrange permission to  enter a private ranch on Lone Oak Road. 
Here the San Lorenzo forms the boundary between Monterey and San Benito counties.  
We worked primarily the MTY side but most species were recorded in both counties.
San Lorenzo River [1130-1530] warm, sunny, breezy
American Rubyspot 8
California Dancer 1000 +
blue-type bluet (N/Familiar), likely Familiar here 6
dark-type bluet (Arroyo/Tule), likely Tule by habitat 1 m
Desert Firetail 30
Pacific Forktail 1 m
Black-fronted Forktail 50
Western Forktail 1 f
Common Green Darner 2
Giant Darner 3
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Gray Sanddragon 2
Western Pondhawk 8
Common Whitetail 1 m
Flame Skimmer 80
Cardinal Meadowhawk 2
Striped Meadowhawk 1 teneral
Black Saddlebags 20
There was only one previous record of Gray Sanddragon for MTY, and we went specifically 
hoping for this species. So that success was quite gratifying. The Giant Darners were a surprise. 
Many photos and more information is now on my web site at

Third week of June, and continuing on into July

Inyo/Mono County

Ron and Barbara Oriti  Fish Slough – 
Desert whitetails around
Hoary Skimmers 
Gray Sanddragons
Common Green Darners
Blue-eyed Darners
Black Saddlebags
Flame Skimmers
Four-spotted Skimmers
Eight-spotted Skimmers
Blue Dashers
Western Pondhawks
and at least a couple types of Meadowhawks.     
There are also damselflies, but I have trouble identifying them…
June 29, 2007
Lassen County
Paul Johnson
Willow Lake
… lots of odes the previous year in early July.  Iwas only able to spend an hour or so this year, and itwas a bit windy, 
but still I was surprised at the paucity of odes there.  Species notable for their low numbers include a single emerald (probably American),
two dot-tailed whitefaces, several Hudsonian whitefaces, a few 4-spotted skimmers, and a single chalk-fronted corporal.

Mono County

Ron & Barbara Oriti

Fish Slough

Gray Sanddragon Progomphus borealis - photo record, CA Chart #96
June 26, 2007
Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
Seep Area
Vivid Dancer   40                      
Pacific Forktail 1                    
Mosaic Darner,sp   2                  
Flame Skimmer   1                     
Cardinal Meadowhawk  2                
Black Saddlebags    1                 
Northern Spreadwing   80               
*Black Spreadwing Lestes stultus   2                  
California Dancer  1                  
Tule Bluet   3                        
Boreal/Northern Bluet    2            
Arroyo Bluet    350                     
Pacific Forktail  10                   
Western Forktail  3                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   2                  
Common Green Darner  1                
Blue-eyed Darner    2                 
Western Pondhawk   1                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer   15             
Flame Skimmer  35                      
Common Whitetail   4                  
Cardinal Meadowhawk   5               
Red-veined Meadowhawk   3             
Striped Meadowhawk   15                
Black Saddlebags   2                  
San Mateo County
John Hall, David Edwards
Skyline Ridge OSP
Alpine Pond
Northern Spreadwing  9                
Black Spreadwing    3                 
California Dancer   50                 
Tule Bluet  2                         
Arroyo Bluet  5                       
Pacific Forktail  6                  
Mosaic Darner,sp  1                   
Blue-eyed Darner  3                   
Pacific Spiketail 1                   
Eight-spotted Skimmer  15              
Flame Skimmer  8     
Blue Dasher   40                       
Cardinal Meadowhawk   5               
Black Saddlebags    1                 
Horseshoe Lake                 
California Dancer   25                 
Boreal Bluet   5                      
Tule Bluet    3                       
Arroyo Bluet  15                       
Pacific Forktail   60                  
Western Forktail  2                   
Blue-eyed Darner  3                   
Western Pondhawk  3                   
Eight-spotted Skimmer  40              
Flame Skimmer  90                      
Blue Dasher   25                       
Striped Meadowhawk  1                 
Black Saddlebags   4 


June 24, 2007

Imperial County

Peter Siminski

Sinclair Road irrigation ditch and East Highline Canal; 8:15 - 11:30a.m., mostly sunny, 85 - 101 degrees, calm to light winds.

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana  ~40, approximately equally split males and females.

Powdered Dancer, Argia moesta  80+, plus 4 tandem ovipositing.

Blue-ringed Dancer, Argia sedula  100+, plus ~10 tandem ovipositing. 

Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile  100+, plus ~15 tandem ovipositing.

Desert Forktail, Ischnura barberi  1M along ditch.

Brimstone Clubtail, Stylurus intricatus  1 seen in shade of Pluchea clump at SW cornor of intersection, seen @ about 11:00.

Russet-tipped Clubtail, Stylurus plagiatus  1M seen above irrigation ditch about 1/4 mile east of canal hanging from Pluchea @ about 8:30.

White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus  20, one pair hanging in wheel in shade of Tamarix in west side of canal road..

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  1F along canal.

Comanche Skimmer, Libellula comanche  2F in shade of Tamarix.

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  1M in ditch.

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea  1M in ditch.

Red Saddlebags, Tramea onusta  2

Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea  1


Sonoma County

Alan Wight

I made a short lunchtime visit to Spring Lake in Santa Rosa.  The highlight was a Western Meadowhawk, which I had nice views
of perched for a couple of minutes before it flew off.  This is a rare species in Sonoma County.  Other species seen were:
Blue Dasher - several
Western Pondhawk - 2
Eight-spotted Skimmer - many
Common Whitetail - 2+
Widow Skimmer – many
*Western Meadowhawk Sympetrum occidentalis  -  a mature male.  It was at the tip of the peninsula that sticks out into the lake on the north side
Black Saddlebags - 1+
Flame Skimmer - 1
Common Green Darner - 1
Darner sp. - 2+
I noticed only one damselfly - a bluet.


June 22, 2007

Santa Barbara County

Peter Siminski

Santa Ynez River above first crossing of Paradise Road; 1:15 - 4:00p.m., sunny, 75 - 85 degrees, windy 15mph+.

California Dancer, Argia agrioides  ~80 (6 in hand), ~20 tandems ovipositing.

Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens ~60, ~10 tandems ovipositing.

Arroyo bluet, Enallagma praevarum  1 in hand.

Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum  1 in hand.

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  1M

Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis  7, one pair in wheel.

Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata  8, one female ovipositing.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis  2, one female ovipositing.

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  ~18, one wheel, one female ovipositing.

Red Rock Skimmer, Paltothemis lineatipes  1


San Luis Obispo County

Peter Siminski

Oso Flaco Lake, Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area; 10:20 - 11:30a.m., sunny, ~65 degrees, 10-15 mph wind.

Arroyo Bluet, Enallagma praevarum  1 in hand, +2 similar

Blue-eyed Darner, Rhionaeschna multicolor  3


June 21, 2007

Ventura County

Peter Siminski

Wheeler Gorge Creek north of Wheeler Springs along SR33; 2:00 - 3:00p.m., sunny, ~85 degrees, wind ~10mph.

Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens  9

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  ~25, 1pair tandem ovipositing

Argia agrioides or nahuana  2


June 20, 2007

Inyo County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Hot Creek north of Bishop

*Desert Whitetail Libellula subornata - lots 


John Sterling

San Mateo County

Pescadero Creek

*Bison Snaketail Ophiogomphus bison  - last report 2007 – kb


June 19, 2007

Glenn County

Greg Kareofelas

Plaskett Meadows Area

Most of the specimens came from areas far away from anything close to "running water". 

Enallagma boreale ~3

Tanypteryx hageni ~5

Erpetogomphus compositus White-belted Ringtail – specimen, 10seen, upgrade from sighting only record CA chart #28

Ophiogomphus bison  Bison Snaketail 2

Progomphus borealis 4

Cordulegaster dorsalis 2

*Macromia magnifica Western River Cruiser  -1;  new record, specimen from:
Grindstone Overlook, UTM 10 527975E 4390716N, Chaparral, 2950' elev. CA chart #28 – last sighting of 2007

Sympetrum corruptum – ‘hundreds’


June 17/18, 2007

San Diego County

Richard Bledsoe
I went to the bird and butterfly gardens at the old Meyers ranch to photograph the swallowtails. I saw a blue-eyed
darner feeding there and decided to check the ponds on my way home. Problems, I forgot to bring my binos and ode
field guide. I found and photographed a bluet and thought he looked odd but the lcd screen on my camera did not give 
much usable detail. When I reviewed the photos I realized that I didn't know what species this was. So next day I
returned properly equipped (camera, net, binos, guide, 10X hand lens, ruler, and lunch). It was lucky for me that he was 
in the same vicinity posing nicely. I took some habitat shots and then netted and examined him. From my notes: 
a small bluet only one and one eight  inches long, in side view the lower appendages were hard to see with the 10X
while the uppers looked huge in comparison, very different from our state bluets. The black and blue pattern on this ode is
striking and Kathy has some photos up on her Southwest ode site. She, Dennis Paulson and John Abbott all agreed that it
was the* ** Baja Bluet, Enallagma eiseni* ** Photo record, CA chart #97 *NEW STATE RECORD*
This was a single individual and I did not see any females. When I released him he flew into the bushes and disappeared 
and had not returned an hour later when I checked. [*note: This is only the 2nd state for this southern species to be found in, 
and only the 2nd or 3rd known occur within the USA borders – kb]

June 17, 2007

Calaveras County

John Stirling (
Beaver Creek near Picnic Grounds at Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Biosn Snaketail Ophiogomphus bison  OC Record #7774

PHOTO Record, CA chart # 98


June 16, 2007

Siskiyou County

Dave Payne

Hudson Road along the Shasta in the afternoon - Weather was fine, high 80's, light breeze.  I walked a short section
of the road checking the known "hotspots".  Here is the list:
American Rubyspot - <20, some in wheel
River Jewelwing - >50, many females 
Vivid Dancer - ~100, some ovipositing
Emma's Dancer - hundreds, many ovipositing on floating veg
Northern Bluet ~50
Tule Bluet - <10
Western Forktail - 1 female
Common Green Darner - 2 males patrolling
Sinuous Snaketail - 1 male patrolling
Great Basin Snaketail -  most numerous clubtail present, ~150
Eight-Spot Skimmer - 2 males patrolling
Twelve-spot Skimmer - 4 males patrolling
Flame Skimmer -2 males patrolling
Kelly Lake - a high elevation lake on the eastern edge of the Siskiyou Wilderness. 
It lies just a couple of miles south of the Oregon border in western Siskiyou County. 
I went up to lead a dragonfly walk for those interested in the morning. 
The weather was fine, a little cool to start and a bit breezy to finish. Temps made it to the mid 80's. Lots of ode activity.
Here is who we saw:
Northern Bluet - hundreds
Tule Bluet - <10 couple netted for id.
Western forktail - 1 male
Aeshna sp. - 1 male on patrol
American Emerald - 1 male recently emerged
Chalk-fronted Corporal - hundreds, most abundant ode flying today.
*Crimson-ringed Whiteface Leucorrhinia glacialis - hundreds, ~25 pairs in wheel, netted a few for positive id.
Hudsonian Whiteface Leucorrhinia hudsonica - several emerging, id with close-focus binos 
An osprey and a mature bald eagle came by to check out the fishing.
A nice response to the dragonfly display and walk. A fun day for all.

Sonoma County

Dave and Kathy Biggs
We lead a dragonfly walk thru Madrone Audubon up Pine Flat Rd., and thru the Mayacamas Audubon Preserve 
It was a wonderful day, and only in the 70-80s following days in the 90s and 100s! 
We started near the top of the road  at the pond and seep near mile marker 10 to start, as the valley was fogged in.
MM1= mile marker one, looking into Little Sulphur Creek (we did not go down to the creek);
FS=Ferguson Spring;
RRp=Rebizzo Ranch pond;
seep1= seep just above Rebizzo Ranch (with lots of watercress)
SCp=pond along Sulphur Creek (~MM9 - do not block driveway);
MM10=pond and seep at mile marker 10. 
A number of us went to the Russian River (4-5 pm) at the Geyserville Rd 
(RRG)....the spot we usually go to at RR at Alexander Valley Rd was jam packed with vacationers.
Although this was a beginner's walk, we were also looking for 2 dragonflies that are somewhat rare in Sonoma County, 
the Hoary Skimmer and the Black Petaltail.
At MM10, we climbed about in the seep area before the pond. We didn't find any Petaltails, but we were delighted to find a male Hoary Skimmer 
on territory. This species was not found at FS where it had been found in prior years as that area is overgrown now, so finding them at this new 
spot was wonderful, although it is not within the protected preserve and just on BLM land (used a LOT as a rifle range). One dragonfly seen 
briefly at the seep MAY have been a Petaltail, but flew more direct and stronger flight than Petaltails usually do.
Species seen:
American Rubyspot - MM1 & RRG
Black Spreadwing - MM10 & LSP - fairly good #s at MM10 seep and many nymph seen in the pond.
Emma's Dancer - RRG only
Vivid Dancer - MM1, seep1, RRp, FS, MM10 (almost everywhere we went)
No/Bo Bluet - LSCP, RRG
Pacific Forktail - just one male at MM10pond
Western Forktail - MM10pond
Common Green Darner - RRp - 1 male
Darner sp - a few seen as we drove the road; at least one was a Mosaic type
Grappletail -Seep1 in the afternoon, 1 mature male
Gray Sanddragon - LSC- 1 male, an unexpected find, but it was on a tongue of sand there!
Pacific Spiketail - one along road that hit our front window and then flew off!
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - PERHAPS this species seen on lower Pine Flat Rd before bridge over (dry) Sausal Creek - only 1+ mile from RR).
Widow Skimmer - MM1, afternoon, 1 male
Common Whitetail - MM1; RRp; MM10Pond
Hoary Skimmer - MM10seep - 1 male
Eight-spotted Skimmer - MM1
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - MM10pond; MM1; SCP - males, and an ovipositing  female at MM10pond
Flame Skimmer - MM10pond; MM1; SCp- males and an ovipositing  female at MM10pond
Blue Dasher (probably this species, but at a distance and facing away from us, maybe a pondhawk) - RRp - one male
Cardinal Meadowhawk  - FS
Red-veined Meadowhawk - MM10seep and pond (ovipositing pair at pond)
Striped Meadowhawk - MM10pond (teneral); SCp (young male)
Black Saddlebags - RRp; RRG
23 species!! A great day all around! ~12 attendees
Other highlights: a first year pond turtle found in MM10seep and Garter Snakes in most of the waterways
June 15, 2007

Riverside County

David Blue

Dos Palmas Oasis, Dos Palmas Preserve

8:55 AM – 1:25 PM, sunny, 89-108 degrees

A hot walk in, and a hotter walk out, but well worth it!

Photos taken of all species but Black Saddlebags

Powdered Dancer Argia moesta  1

Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  6

Citrine Forktail Ischnura hastata  1

Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii  ~20

Common Green Darner Anax junius  10

White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus  1

Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata  8

Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata  ~100

Comanche Skimmer Libellula comanche  24

Bleached Skimmer Libellula composita  1

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa  12

Marl Pennant Macrodiplax balteata  ~100

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  ~200

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata  ~20

Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta  10


Imperial County

David Blue

East Highline Canal (end of Sinclair Road),

Although it was hot as hell (111 degrees), this was clubtail heaven with all four Imperial County species. I checked the tamarisk on the west side across the road from the footbridge, and it was filled with odes. Everywhere I looked I could see multiple clubtails, and at one spot I counted 10 in sight at once, most of which were White-belted Clubtails. Two Brimstone Clubtails and a Russet-tipped Clubtail are new early records for California.

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  2 (ph.)

Powdered Dancer Argia moesta  12 (ph.)

Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  2

Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile  1 (ph.)

White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus  ~30 (ph. M & F)

Gray Sanddragon Progomphus borealis  2 (ph.)

**Brimstone Clubtail Stylurus intricatus  2 (ph. M & F) – new early flight date whole SW area

*Russet-tipped Clubtail Stylurus plagiatus 1 (ph. F) -

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa  1 (M)

Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  2

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  3


June 10, 2007

Riverside County

Peter Siminski

San Jacinto Mountains: Lake Fulmor(FL), Fuller Mill Creek (FMC), and Lake Hemet (HL); sunny, 10:00a.m. - 3:00p.m., 60(FL) - 80(HL) degrees, calm to moderate wind.

Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum  3(FL) in hand

Enallagma sp., Tule/Arroyo type,75+(FL) many tandem ovipositing.

Enallagma sp., Familiar/NOBO type, ~10(FL), 1(HL) a couple of tandem ovipositing at FL.

Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula  100+(FL), some tandems, a few females ovipositing.

Rhionaeschna sp., ~12(FL) most were skimmer-small (californica), but a couple were big and bright blue-eyed (multicolor); I did not get close looks.

Pacific Spiketail, Cordulegaster dorsalis  1(FMC)

Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum  9M(HL)

Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum  ~18(FL)

Common Whitetail, Plathemis lydia  1M(FL)

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata  ~10(FL)


Inyo County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Klondike Lake - it was quite windy. 

not too many dragonflies, as we expected because of the wind, there were both Red and Black Saddlebags flying around, as well as Common Green Darners

They were mainly over at a nearby small pond.  The Red Saddlebags sat down for a while, and Ron was able to get a couple photos!


Lassen County
Don Roberson
Zamboni Hot Springs/Long Valley Creek (off a little dirt road that goes west off Hwy 395 about 2.6 mi N of Red Rock Road, and just south of 
the s end of the Constancia Road loop that goes into Doyle; the "hot springs" look to be a marshy spot crossing the dirt road into irrigation 
ditches but the spring itself seems to be on posted 'private property' near a fenced residence; sand-bottomed Long Valley Creek is nearby). 
10:30-11:30 a.m., but still overcast, cold, and windy
Vivid Dancer  2
Paiute Dancer  8
Tule Bluet  2
Western Forktail  10
W. Red Damsel  10
Western Pondhawk  1 teneral
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  1 fem
skimmer, sp -- 2 pale-looking skimmers flew by & got away in the sage


June 9, 2007

Sonoma County

Kathy and Dave Biggs, group leaders 
Dave and I led a field trip/workshop at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve in the hills East of Cotati. This site is open ONLY to GUIDED walks.
We had perfect weather and the upper pond, Kelly Pond, had more dragonflies at it than I've seen in one area in years!
On the hike into Kelly Pond, and at the large pond, from 9-1, we saw:
Black Spreadwings - the ephemeral pond they breed in is already dry, but they were all over the meadow just below the pond.
Tule Bluet - one male examined in hand, Kelly Pond  (KP)
Bluet sp - some (KP)
Pacific Forktail - abundant around Kelly Pond (KP)
Western Forktail - many at Kelly Pond - didn't have time to check for SF Forktails amidst the 100s of forktails there!
Blue-eyed Darner - one female in hand (meadow)
Darner sp. - quite a few feeding in loose swarms with Rhionaeschna, Anax and Pantala.
Common Green Darner - see above
Pacific Spiketail - many at meadow, one male examined in hand
Western Pondhawk - abundant @ KP - hundreds, seen emerging, in tandem, in wheel, ovipositing, etc.
Blue Dasher - same as above, but not seen ovipositing
Eight-spotted Skimmer - abundant - the dominant Ode at KP, also seen in meadows
Common  Whitetail - a few males at KP
Wandering Glider - seen in meadows with darner groups, feeding. New for site list.
Cardinal Meadowhawk - a few at KP
Red-veined Meadowhawk - at least 15, KP and meadows. A few in hand
Black Saddlebags - one-two seen briefly at KP
After the main hike, Kathy and Dave went to the ponds and marsh on the lower property with Ron Robertson, 1:30-3:00, we saw
Vivid Dancer - dozens along the pathways and a few on Turtle Pond (TP), pairs ovipositing in creek next to TP, a few examined in hand
Calif. Dancer - a few (two males in hand) on pathways
Western Red Damsel - one male in hand below Turtle Pond, near marsh
Desert Firetail - one male on Turtle Pond (TP)
Pacific Forktail - young females along path
Western Forktail - mature females along path
Darner sp - a few
Grappletail - 3 males along creek next to TP
Pacific Spiketail - watched a male eating a yellow-jacket, others seen
Western Pondhawk - some TP
Blue Dasher - possibly, but not for sure at TP
Common Whitetail - one female at marsh area
possibly a Flame Skimmer over marsh
Cardinal Meadowhawk - abundant and the dominant Ode at TP
Black Saddlebags - one
20 species! Not bad!


Imperial County

Doug Aguillard

I headed for "State Record Territory" (a.k.a. West Pond) along the Colorado River, north of Yuma, AZ. I was surprise 
at the lack of damselflies numbers, and dragonfly numbers were not great either, but it was fun wading in West Pond. 
There was a breeze that kept the temps in the 80's. Another observation was that of a female Mexican ovipositing. 
She would fly to the side of a rock in the pond, and then lay the eggs at it's side just below the waterline. 
The male would sometimes hover over her in a protection mode. I have images of it, along with some other images 
that I will post today.
West Pond & Beaver Pond:
Common Green Darners
Widow Skimmers
Comanche Skimmer
Mexican Amberwings
Red-tailed Pennants
Blue Dashers
Western Pondhawks
Red Saddlebags
Black Saddlebags
Wandering Glider
Rambur's Forktails
Familiar Bluets
Powdered Dancer (1)
Blue-ringed Dancers
Holtville Hot Springs:
White-belted Ringtails
Comanche Skimmer (new to this area)
Wandering Glider
Blue Dashers
Western Pondhawks
Rambur's Forktails
Blue-ringed Dancers


San Diego County

David Blue and Matt Heindel

Mission Trails Regional Park

American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  2

*Lavender Dancer Argia hinei  1

Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  4

Vivid Dancer Argia vivida  5

Pacific Forktail Ischnura cervula  20

Black-fronted Forktail Ischnura denticollis  1

Common Green Darner Anax junius  3

Giant Darner Anax walsinghami  2

Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  1

Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax  1

Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata  6

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  1

Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens  1


San Diego County

Peter Siminski

Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Pena Spring; 9:00a.m. - 10:30a.m., sunny, 80-90 degrees, calm wind.

Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida  ~25

I also checked out Culp Valley Spring; no surface water, no odes.

Modoc County
Don Roberson
Goose Lake State Park, w end of Stateline Road, on CA/OR border (the park is in Oregon) 8:00-8:40 a.m.
Pacific Forktail  1
Alkali Bluet  6  males (1 netted) & females -- had to hop a fence to be sure of one inside California North Fork of Pit River 
(I saw two deer in the river so stopped to photo them and decided to check there by scrambling down a steep bank; this was 
10.7 mi N of Alturas; also briefly stopped along river [much easier access here] at 9.6 mi N of Alturas) 9:15-10:15 a.m.,
sunny & warm & calm. Pix at
River Jewelwing 25 (both sexes)
Vivid Dancer  10
Bo/No Bluet  4
Western Forktail  15
W. Red Damsel  20
Blue-eyed Darner  1
Four-spotted Skimmer  1
Eight-spotted Skimmer  1
Sand Creek , nearly at the Nevada state line 8 miles east of Cedarville on Hwy 299. 
One turns north on County Road 18 (a dirt road) for 2.6 miles to where Sand Creek crosses the road (it is flowing this time of year).
Vivid Dancer 15
Bo/No Bluet 8
Tule Bluet 5
Western Forktail 30
*Pale Snaketail  Ophiogomphus severus 1 male
Eight-spotted Skimmer 3
Lassen County
Ash Creek Campground (~8 mi SE of Adin, Modoc, on a dirt road as described previously on various CalOde posts) 
11:30-12:45, partly cloudy, calm, 70 degrees; spectacular spot
Am. Rubyspot  2
River Jewelwing  5
Vivid Dancer  25
Emma's Dancer  8
Boreal Bluet  3 (male in hand + tandem)
Western Forktail  15
Blue-eyed Darner  1
Grappletail  100+ easy -- unbelievably spectacular to have gompids as the abundant species; they fly up in clouds from the little bridge as 
one reaches the campground. All were males but they were perching & flying about everywhere along the river and its grassy or rocky edges.
*Great Basin Snaketail Ophiogomphus morrisoni  8  -- very skittish in comparison to the 'tame' Grappletails
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  2
Bailey Creek marsh (8.9 mi E of Hwy 139 on Termo-Grasshopper Road, which is paved. A small 'marsh' created by diversion of a spring-fed 
stream into an irrigation ditch, as described in Tim Manolis's post about 17 July 2006) 13:30-14:30, still sunny but now quite windy
Vivid Dancer  10
*Aztec Dancer Argia nahuana  1 male in-hand
Bo/No Bluet  100+ (one male netted was Boreal)
Tule Bluet  10
Pacific Forktail  30
Western Forktail  50
W. Red Damsel  20
Blue-eyed Darner  1
Dot-tailed Whiteface  15, including tandems
Four-spotted Skimmer  15 -- most surprising to me was that many males were cruising the small marsh, hovering and chasing each other, 
always in motion, & rather rarely landing hidden down in the grass. I took a series of flight photos. Only a few were perched next to open water.
Eight-spotted Skimmer  3
Common Whitetail  1 male
Black Saddlebags  1 male
Willow Creek W.A. (~15 mi N of Susanville) 3-4 pm, cool, very breezy, overcast, few odes
Alkali Bluet  15 (male & female netted)
Pacific Forktail  15
Western Forktail  15
Meadowhawk, sp  2 tenerals; one photo'd appears to be a Cherry-faced/Saffron-winged type, pending expert review

June 8, 2007

Sonoma County

Dave and Kathy Biggs

lower Bloomfield Rd, Sebastopol

I had quite a surprise on my backyard pond. Luckily I was doing my weekly survey for Jason Bried's study or I would have missed it.

Click on the link at the end to read about how I found a rare, male San Francisco Forktail on my backyard pond [~12 miles inland]!

Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum 2 males
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata 1 male
Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida 3 males;
2 females including 2 tandem couples and 1 pair ovipositing
Western Forktail, Ischnura perparva
4 males, 2 ovipositing females + one foraging female
Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula
3 males
*Exclamation Damsel, Zoniagrion exclamationis
3 males – last sighting 2007
Pacific Spiketail, Cordulegaster dorsalis
1, quick flyby by what we assumed was the female who has been in our yard daily for a week or two now.
San Francisco Forktail, Ischnura gemina
1 male; caught, scanned and returned to the pond
Darner species, Rhionaeschna sp
. 1

Dave wondered if the very strong off-shore winds of the week had brought the forktail in!?!


Shasta County

Ray Bruun

I checked out three locations:  Bald Mountain Reservoir (BMR) is about 13 air miles north of Old Station; Bidwell Pond (BP) is about 7 miles 
north of Old Station and on the way to BMR; Lily Pond (LP) is in Lassen Park near Manzanita Lake.  Of the 19 species seen, two are 
new for California this year.  
Emerald Spreadwing - several, BMR
*Taiga Bluet Coenagrion resolutum - several, LP
No/Bo Bluet - several, BMR - 1 LP
Tule Bluet - several, BMR
Western Forktail - common, BMR and BP, one or two at LP
Pacific Forktail - common, BMR and BP
Western Red Damsel - 2, LP
Common Green Darner - 1, BMR - 1, BP
Blue-eyed Darner - 1 BMR
Dot-tailed Whiteface - common to abundant, BMR - common, BP
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 2, BP
Striped Meadowhawk - 1, BP
Western Pondhawk - several, BMR
Blue Dasher - 1, BP
Common Whitetail - 1, BMR
Eight-spotted Skimmer - common, BP
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - common, BMR
Four-spotted Skimmer - common, BMR and BP
Black Saddlebags - 1, BMR


Lassen County
Don Roberson
small grassy pond in forest 8.1 east of Madeline (12:00-12:45)
Emerald Spreadwing  10: 3 teneral male, rest females (several netted)
Boreal Bluet  8 (male netted)
Western Forktail  50, mostly females, a few male
Meadowhawk, sp  1 teneral got away
Blue Lake (1:30-2:30 p.m.; calm, warm, a few clouds; spectacular setting)
Vivid Dancer 12
Bo/No Bluet 10 (a male caught was Boreal)
Pacific Forktail  50
Western Forktail  25
Calif Darner  2 male
*Spiny Baskettail Epitheca spinigera  4 teneral male -- these appeared to be just emerging and were just starting to fly; all were brown-eyed. 
One was photographed as it flapped on a lily pad and took off unsteadily; another tried to fly but fell into the lake and had to swim to
 a lily pad; two other were flying short distances along the 'handicapped access' trail detailed in Tim Manolis's post on CalOdes from 28-29 
June 2005. One landed on a stump for nice photos. There were a few exuviae among the lily pads.


June 4, 2007

Inyo County

Ron & Barbara Oriti

Owens River Spring

Emerald Spreadwing Lestes Dryas - photo record, CA Chart #96


June 3, 2007

Napa County

Virginia and Andy Macintosh

Knoxville, north of Berryessa, Mill Creek Park, east of Ukiah, and just outside Talmage in the Cow Mountain area.

We took a trail that led us to a  large, sunny pond with lots of algae, mallards & babies, black  phoebes, etc., but were most excited about the

large numbers of  dragonflies and damselflies thriving there! Kate may be able to give you a better rundown, but we are pretty sure we were

seeing Flame Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Twelve Spot Skimmer, and a few others we were not good enough to ID. The Whitetail

was hovering over a female,  (we assume also Whitetail) ovipositing on the water surface.  Shortly after that the damselflies came out. It wasn't

as easy to ID them, but there were lots that looked like some sort of Bluet - most all having a turquoise, or medium blue thorax, and black and

blue abdomen  segments. It was a first outing for me actually on the lookout for dragonflies, and great fun!


Inyo County

Ron and Barbara Oriti

Klondike Lake, just north of Big Pine.

There were lots of dragonflies of several different species there, including a number of red saddlebags.  I had fun watching them, however

they did not sit down.  It was a bit tricky keeping them in sight with binoculars, but I did get some really good views, and could make the

positive ID.  Ron managed to get a black saddlebags in flight, so maybe he can also get a red that way.


Solano County

John Stirling

south of Putah Creek east of Winters

I was able to find and photographed a female Western River Cruiser Macromia magnificaThe photos are on my website at

Click on the species link to see photos.

Yolo County

I saw but could not photograph a Giant Darner Anax Walsinghami along Cache Creek about 1 mile west of Capay.  This is a first sighting for Yolo County. I will be walking the creek again tomorrow, but further downstream.  Also present were two White-belted Ringtails amongst the usual, common species.


June 2, 2007

Riverside County

Doug Vaughan
Dos Palmas Preserve, 83-95 deg, high cloud cover about 75%, light winds [all sightings at or en route to the Dos Palmas oasis; 
the San Andreas loop trail was barren]
Blue-ringed Dancer -- fairly com.
Citrine Forktail (Ischnura hastata) -- 1 m. in hand (perhaps more com.; I pretty much quit searching after finding this one!)
Rambur's Forktail -- fairly com., several in hand
Com. Green Darner -- 2 or 3 m.
Blue-eyed Darner? -- 1 probably this species
White-belted Ringtail (Erpetogomphus compositus) -- 1 or 2
W. Pondhawk -- com., including many f.