Size, Description, Habitat, Flight Dates

Initial information for this section when it was begun in 1996 was gleaned from several of the reference books mentioned, and from Internet sites within the United States, but not necessarily from within California. Therefore any information on flight dates marked with a ~ should be viewed as a reference point and not as exact data. When dates and habitats have been confirmed by my own or other Californian's sightings, or by museum specimens, I have removed the ~ next to that information. Some of the web sites used most extensively for the initial information compilation were
ODONATA OF OTTAWA DISTRICT [no longer on the web! :-( ]

New data has been gathered from live sightings, and from these books, pamphlets and museum collections:
The Dragonflies of North America, Needham and Westfall, 1999
A list and Distributional Records of Pacific Coast Odonata, D. Pauslon and R. Garrison, 1979
Aquatic Insects of California, Usinger, 1968
The Damselflies of North America, Westfall and May, 1996
The California Academy of Science's Department of Entomology
The University of California at Davis's Bohart Entomology Museum
The UC Berkeley's CIS collection
Sonoma State University
Chico State University
and others.