January 2006


Many new discoveries have been made in our exciting field of Odonata.

Also, some of the Common and the Scientific Names have been formally changed by the DSA.

Please update your copy of Common Dragonflies of the Southwest to reflect the following new data:



p. 92 - Northern Bluet - Change scientific name to Enallagma annexum.


p. 128 - Change common name from Common to Northern Spreadwing.


p. 152 - Change common name from Red-waisted to Belted Whiteface


p. 153 - Add CA to Filigree Skimmer; Add NV to Marl Pennant.


p. 155- Add CO for White-belted Ringtail; Add CO for Plains Clubtail; Add AZ for Pale Snaketail; Add CO for Brimstone Clubtail


p. 154 - Change common name from Yellow-legged to Autumn Meadowhawk

Remove Common Baskettail from the list - Dr. Nick Donnelly has reviewed specimens in CO and found them to all be Dot-winged Baskettails. He has found that there are not ANY E. cynosura specimens west of central Kansas and Nebraska.

Correction: Remove Orange Shadowdragon from CO; add it to NM

Add CO for Persephone's Darner

Add Prince Baskettail for New Mexico - specimen collected and confirmed

Add Persephone's Darner for Utah - specimen confirmed


p. 156 - Add NV for Canyon Rubyspot; Change common name from Common to Northern Spreadwing.


p. 157 - Change common name from Variable to Violet Dancer; Add UT to Lavender Dancer


p.158 - Add NV for Mexican Forktail; Add these species to the page: Rainbow Bluet E. antennatum - CO, Orange Bluet Enallagma signatum - CO, Baja Bluet E. eiseni - AZ; change scientific name for Northern Bluet to E. annexum.


Also please, after also making the changes mentioned above on the appropriate species and index pages; then make the following changes that are listed below and to the right:


p. 15 - Western Meadowhawk's flight period - April - November

p. 18 - Autumn Meadowhawk's flight period - May - November

p. 19 - Red-tailed Pennant's flight period - March - November

p. 27 - Eastern Amberwing's flight period - March - October

p. 28 - Red Saddlebag's flight period - January - November

p. 30 - Marl Pennant's flight period - May - October

p. 50 - size variations for Hudsonian Whiteface - 27 - 36 mm

p. 54 - Change # of Baskettail species to 3

p. 80 - Brimstone Clubtail's flight period - June - November

p. 91 - Change # of species of Pond Damsels to 57

p. 94 - River Bluet's flight period - April - October

p. 100 - Vivid Dancer's flight period - "All year in South"

p. 103 - Tonto Dancer's flight period - May - October

p. 106 - Kiowa Dancer's flight period - March - November

p. 107 - Pauite Dancer's flight period - March - November

p. 111 - Powdered Dancer's flight period - February - December

p. 118 - Western Red Damsel's flight period - April - October

p. 136 - American Rubyspot - flight period - "All year in South"

p. 98 correction (print and paste over)
River Bluet lateral appendage
p. 128 correction (print and paste over)
Pacific Forktail appendage 
p. 130 correction (print and paste over)
Plateau Spreadwing - Print out and use this correct image:
Change text to read: male:  broad dark stripe top of thorax, pale bluish side stripe wider near the head;

And please, if you find a dragonfly in a new area or flying out of its known season, report it so that updates can be made, not only to my

own websites and books, but also to other people's who are maintaining other websites &/or are in the process of writing new dragonfly guides.



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