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Welcome to the California On-line Dragonfly Guide Site! Here you will find links not only to information on and photographs of all the species of dragonflies and damselflies in California, but also information on books and general information about dragonflies.
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CalOdes Listserv- CalOdes is an E-Mail listserv - a dragonfly discussion group. By joining it you can ask and answer questions, report your sightings of Dragonflies & Damselflies in California, and help us to establish more information on their status, distribution and flight seasons. It's a great place to meet other folks interested in dragonflies. You have a choice of receiving emails either immediately, or in a daily digest version.
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The ONLY dragonfly guide for California:
"Common DRAGONFLIES of California
A Beginner's Pocket Guide"

by Kathy Biggs
A children's book on the
dragonfly life cycle
"My Life As A Dragonfly:
Swimmer to Flyer"

by William Cruscial

The Habitat Garden Book
Wildlife Landscaping
for the San Francisco Bay Region

by Nancy Bauer

with a section on Dragonfly Ponds
Click on the cover above to order a copy by check/money order from this website (All books ship from this website within 2 days and CA Dragonflies and Habitat Gardening are signed by the author), or click on the names to the right to order thru where you may use a credit card. (Be certain to use your back button to come back to here though!). Common Dragonflies of California
The Habitat Garden Book
My Life As A Dragonfly

Kathy Biggs is CONSIDERING writing: A Southwest SUPPLEMENT to "Common Dragonflies of California"

CLICK HERE to see a list of dragonfly related programs being given throughout the state.

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pages for



Heavy-bodied; usually larger than damselflies

wings held open when perched

eyes very close together

strong fliers

about 60 species



Print this out and take it with you in the field to aid in making dragonflies identifications.

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descriptive and photographic
pages for



Slender-bodied, usually smaller than dragonflies

wings held together over abdomen when perched

eyes far apart

weak flyers

about 40 species

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Clicking on either of the first two links below will take you to essays providing some general information on dragonflies, while the 3rd link's info is more on dragonflies as a hobby:
1. A Beginner's Guide to DRAGONFLIES (Jill Silsby)
2. Damsels and Dragons - the Insect Order Odonata (Ron Lyons)
Both these are good starting places for anyone who wants to learn basic information about dragonflies and damselflies and the next link gives information and links to the hobby of dragonfly watching
3. Introduction to the world of odes (Iowa)

Click here to read the article An Interview with Kathy Biggs, on Dragonflies, Dragonfly Ponds and how She Became an Author

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